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Dr. Gregory C.D. Young, B.A., M.Sc., Ph.D./D.Phil.(Oxon.), a neuroscientist and experimental physicist, was educated both here and abroad where he completed his postgraduate studies at King’s College, the University of Aberdeen, Old Aberdeen, Scotland, and afterwards, studied and received his Doctorate from the University of Oxford, Oxford, England. He has served both as a practicing Clinical Psychologist and Analysist as well as a research Neuroscientist, having been in private clinical practice and research for over 25 years Among his other other interests, he has also been an accomplished public speaker, lecturer, medical author, as well as an expert scientific advisor, product formulator and professional consultant to the Medical, Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical Industries, wherein he remains an active proponent of natural biomedical alternatives and combinations.  He is currently involved within areas of theoretical and experimental physics, presently leading a biophysics engineering research group, a privately held think-tank engaged in the development of a broad spectrum of new technologies.   Dr. Young resides on the east coast, where he continues to write and privately consult.

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