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The Heart of the Book: Winds of Forgiveness~

From the Preface of the Winds of Forgiveness....

What Manner of Men Shall We Be?~

The Winds of Forgiveness is dedicated to the endeavor of deepening our understanding of the process of Repentance and Forgiveness as I believe it was originally intendedónecessarily involving all of who we are..., all of who we have been..., and all of who we hope to be. In the process, and indeed if such a process is to be wholly successful, it becomes the means whereby we accept an invitation to get closer to the realities of the Lordís Message and become intimately more familiar with the Goodness of the Character of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father; thus becoming more sensitized and receptive to everything that may resonate with the same telltale sense of loving kindness, justice, fairness, and mercy that finds such origin within the Lordís Intentions and Design. So saying, it is my hope that this book will help the sincere student and disciple of Christís Gospel to further their understanding and confirmation that the Lordís Promises for us are indeed true and actual, that His loving intentions are the best ones that can ever be imaginedóones that rend the heart and uplift the spirit such that we may come to understand and love the will of the Father as Jesus did, enabling His Fatherís Will to become the best and most favorite thing that we personally can embrace and do..., and so instructed, know the manner in which we are to follow Him....

As most Christians already know, to raise our awareness to the Life Heaven promises cannot be performed by our works alone, but only by the process of purifying our lives through Christís Guidance, and most specifically through His Blood Atonement. Such has always entailed a recognition and the subsequent abdication of our sins and transgressions. We cannot think that it would be possible to grow closer to Him and become raised to His understanding of Life when we still entertain a love for our sins, or the needs to cover them up or hide them from inspection, proving hesitant in their final renouncing. Most simply, we cannot serve God and mammon at the same time.

Moreover, if we really are interested in learning about Him, then we must have already been prepared in being sincerely honest about our lives, knowing that we should not be particularly proud about any of the things we have performed or done, seeing ourselves as "unprofitable servants." In fact, within the context of the eternities in front of us, our myopic and egocentric notions of ourselves are contemptuous at best in comparison to Godís intentions for us, having first been created after His own Image. Sadly, it is a horrific mistake and the deepest degradation possible that we should continue to think ourselves proud and satisfied with our own fragmented and poverty-stricken naturesófalse identities which we have so precariously and rudely established. And, it is to our continuing disgrace that we are forever attempting to protect and excuse this paltry fabric of our own making, this thin veneer of arrogance and pride with which we attempt to cover ourselves and behind which we pretend to hide our nakedness. How can we possibly be proud of that? How can we be proud of such foolish and vain ideas about ourselves? Yet it is so..., lacking the nobility of humility and thoughtfulness, we are ever the more bent on strutting and parading in front of others, as we prove so quick to do....

Donít you see?..., none of us have yet become the Men and Women He created us to be.... We are still growing up to be those..., although, itís true that some have decided not to grow up at all.... Surely we should realize the shame that is upon us when we, being His Spiritual offspring, still refuse to behave like His sons and daughters, and instead conduct ourselves after some other order of direction, as if another is our Father. In contrast to whom we are meant to be, we have yet to become anything to write home about. This is not so say that we should bemoan our entire life, or see ourselves as being depressingly unproductive and wasteful. There are things of course about which we should be proud. But that pride should always be held in reservation and check, giving thanks to God who provides the increase of our successes, instead of following diverís temptations which inevitably make us too big for our britches. Thereís always a line that can be crossed that turns our deserved joyous celebrations into prideful boastings. And too often when crossed, we begin to get fancy and uppity notions about ourselves that carries over and infects our entire being for the worse.

As many already know, no matter what it is that we have accomplished in this world, no matter the services performed, the successes and distinctions gained, the degrees and merits earned, the honors and titles won, the prestige, wealth, and material accumulations amassedónone of these things in the Heaven-impressed-mind will have any further significance or meaning or hold any sense of lasting pride or value. Only the character of who we are and are becoming has any value for the true disciple of the Lord. The things of the world, although necessary in our day-to-day living, should be seen as tolerable tools alone, for which we should give thanks to be sure, but itís not the prize that His Seed of Goodness within us directs us towards. In order for our desiring to be appropriately refined, we must have the need to see our lives as they really are, namely, from Heavenís perspective, and not retard the advances that His Spirit would have us make otherwise.

Inevitably, upon this step-by-step path, the need for Repentance and Forgiveness will be found over and over again, and the heartfelt execution of these Principles must be fulfilled if we are to make any progress. The promise is that all, not just some, of our sins can be forgiven, but only upon the condition of our sincere repentance. Course corrections will be continuous and we should expect them to come in all forms. More importantly, the Principles of Repentance and Forgiveness which govern these corrections should be alive within our hearts, seen as friends and teachers gifted to us by His Holy Spirit. Honored guests they are, their counsel proving sweet to the taste when appropriately regarded. Indeed, these should be warmly held and invited to be a part of all our memories and reflections. They should never be treated as poor relations or as unpopular social outcasts.

Having said that, we must be prepared to recapture the sacred meaning and intentions of Repentance and Forgiveness as He first prescribed them to us, otherwise they will not be embraced by our hearts nor sanctioned by our activities. In part, these meanings must reflect the Lordís all consuming Love of His Fatherís Law and Kingdom. These understandings must make keen and palatable sense to us, and be of the type that inevitably begins to root itself lovingly within our heartsótheir convictions growing to give rich fruit in abundance, edifying the other Truths that we have come to know, giving us hope and faith in other areas of our lives. This should be a sweetness that is remarkable and experiential, something truly befitting a wonderfully Grand and Gracious God, for we should learn to expect the very best from His Hand and nothing less.

Accordingly, these understandings must hold within them the glorious intentions of Heaven and be in harmony with the Seed of Goodness within us, brightly held up so that all may see and benefit therefrom. Their understanding must have the capacity to make us glad and joy-filled, kind and gracious, long suffering and charitable. From the depths of our hearts, they should work to expand our awareness of His Character and Manner, inviting us to follow Him ever the more easily, ever the more willingly, and ever the more earnestly. Our understanding of Repentance and Forgiveness must act to make Him more real to us, forging a closeness with His Spirit that will not decay over timeówhile confirming all the Goodness that we have already known about Him and even adding more to the splendidness of the picture, everything in our understanding about Him fitting together like the wonderfully refined and precise puzzle it was meant to be.

Moreover, these Principles of Restoration and Affirmation must work.... work as good as their promises, or not at all. The steps of Repentance and Forgiveness must be found to be sound beneath our feet, secure within our hearts, broadcasting the surety that they are true and everlasting Principles, ones that will not fail us no matter how wayward weíve become. So clear and salient they must become to our eyes, so attractive to our hearts and minds, that we must grow capable of witnessing their revelations within us, and prove willingly steadfast and faithful in following the convictions which subsequently become imbued upon our countenance.

Thus, if we are to move closer to Him, and to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, seeking His Kingdom first and foremost, we must needs move further away from who we have been when defiant (willingly or unwittingly), and prove more willing and lovingly obedient to His Word and Commandments. But as we shall see, this movement must in no way prove destructive to those facts of our history, or the children we used to be. Indeed, we must learn to re-member them anew, having washed our recorded histories clean in the Blood of the Lamb, having all our thoughts, words, and deeds cleansed within us. Although the purifying fires of the way will burn away the dross, the preciousness of the lessons learned and the understanding gleaned shall not be destroyed nor annihilated from our presence. These can never be forgotten if we are truly serious about our destination, for these become the muscle and sinew of the new birth He prepares within us, a place for which the Mantle of His Name may become seamlessly attached upon us and inseparably forged within usóthe gracious gifted legacy of His Wisdom and Purity that His sons and daughters are meant to have..., so that we may finally be prepared to become who we are meant to be.

Although, our Forgiveness is most certainly dependant upon the sacrifice and Blood Atonement of Jesus Christ, which enables the sacred process of reconciliation between ourselves and God, even the God and Lord of the Universe, we must be willing to do "our part" in order to receive His Perfect Gift. And as we will come to appreciate, "our part" necessarily entails the reconciliation between ourselves and our memories and most certainly those that we used to be, which, as we will see, then enables the more perfect reconciliation between ourselves and others in our life. Forgiveness must entail everything about us.

Contrary to the teachings of some, true Forgiveness cannot be parsed out or partitioned into those things mirroring the convenience of our personal preferences and comfort levels alone. It is not a smorgasbord whereby we can pick and choose what we want on our plates while we refuse the rest. Rather, it is an indivisible event, a holy and sacred process which can only be accomplished by accepting all of its fareóincluding all of its temporarily unsettling but helpful teachings which result in the gleaning of Heavenís wisdom, all of its initial medicinal bitterness so as to receive the promise of His soothing balm, all of its precise judgments which then enables His generous mercies. It is a process which asks us to grow beyond our limitations and come unto the Father by Christ.

In essence, Forgiveness is a creative and completing process, a completing of the Fatherís Will within us, allowing the fulfillment of His Intentions to reign unobstructed and unobscured within us, which again, is only accomplished by our walking after the manner and character of our Lord. In fact, the hinge pin of the whole process revolves around what manner of relationship we are willing to have with Him, and how intimate we will allow that relationship to proceed unselfishly and faithfully. Forgiveness cannot proceed in blindness nor in the carelessness of vanity. It involves us humbly drawing closer to the Light within us and reexamining everything that we have ever done in our life under the auspices of His Perception, with His metered judgement and generosity of mercy always in play. Indeed, the closer we become to His Name and Word, in ways in which few of us have ever thought or understood, will prove the merit of our sincerity. Only by tenaciously following His example and being obedient to the Fatherís Commandments with our whole heart, mind, and soul, will the reconciliation with Heaven dreamed about by our fathers ever take place.

As we will explore within this text, the successful exercise of Forgiveness is far more reaching and integrative than most of us have ever imagined. Most assuredly, the wealth of such an experience is beyond the realities of this world, and cannot be tallied by our worldly ways of counting fortunes. This wealth comes from Heaven, and with it the powers of true happiness and Love Eternalósuch a Love that will, in its perfection and purity, cast out all our fears while imbuing His Hallmark upon us, even His Love shining brightly from within our countenance. These are the promises of His Forgiveness, conditionally given upon our sincere repentance and contrition..., treasures troves of Forgiveness that are meant to only beautify and adorn, never malign..., treasures troves of divine freedom and dignity that are meant only to edify, never tear down.... Heavenly gifts so splendid and fine as to be on par with the majestic gentling Hand that gives them, befitting the generosities of a Great, Grand, and Glorious God, indeed! And to this I say, "Amen and amen...."

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