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The Heart of the Book: Winds of the Soul ~


"An open invitation exists for any of us who are willing to recover the lost purity and innocence of who we really are... thus restoring the rights and privileges to commune freely again with the Heavens..."


How close we are to approach at-one-ment with life is immediately dependent on how well we are acquainted with the Inner World of our lives, that deeply mysterious realm that no one really talks about and no one ever explains; a world rarely talked about in public, much less in the closeness of our own families. Our Inner World is the place where the rudiments of our "feelings" can be experienced, those mysterious patterns of impressions that continually affect us in everything that we say and do.  This is a “place” that is continually within us, ever present and immediate. It does not go away when we close our eyes nor disappear when we blind ourselves in other ways. And yet over time, this Inner World, that sensitive awareness that we all had when we were children but somehow lost as we became adults, has become deeply narrowed in its perspective, impoverished and malnourished in its experience, diminishing the influence of our most poignant “feelings,” the fullness of our conscience, and the host of Living Principles that course their peculiar paths, much of which has since become silenced and forgotten in our lives the older we've become.   And in this growing and aging silence, we lost to our immediate awareness the basis of our intelligence, creativity, and understanding of who we really are... becoming less capable of experiencing the fullness of our sensitivities, kindness, and compassion... becoming only the hollow shells of who we were meant to be... a reflection of Goodness itself.

As is thoroughly explained within the fresh and engaging commentary of The Winds of the Soul, this story of psychological and spiritual loss has happened to every one of us, bar none—often without us even remembering it, forgetting the experience of loss as soon as it happened. Left with only a vague and dim impression of our former stature, the ongoing impoverishment of our awareness and intelligence has continued unabated, further diminishing the multifaceted reality and complex experiences of our Inner World, while simultaneously reducing our awareness of our most precious “feelings” and the Living Principles their ruminations and currents represent.  


Perhaps unlike anything else, The Winds of the Soul shows us how to once again "re-member" and restore these sensitivities to their previous brilliance, explaining how to simply and thoroughly unravel the profundities and imperspicuities of our deepest, most sacred “feelings:” clearly explaining and defining what they really are, what they should mean to us when we experience them, how we are supposed to work with them and the direct psychological and true spiritual significance they hold for our personal identities.


Here, wonderfully revealed for the first time is the fact that our deepest "feelings" and what they carry can direct us to rediscover the critical parts of ourselves long ago forgotten or denied us through years of personal neglect, offering us the opportunity to dramatically reverse the losses we previously experienced.  Indeed, these pure inner ruminations of the Spirit hold within them the very powers of the Universe and, indeed, are Heaven’s first Voice to us and the profound basis of our psychologies, Living Principles that call out and enjoin us to become something wonderfully new and forever whole.  So pervasive are their subtle currents and eddies, the world of our most intimate “feelings” even work to direct the possibility of material fortunes and other temporal blessings becoming invited into our lives. 

Accordingly, learning how to sensitively listen to our "feelings," reawakening their vitality and allowing their impact within us while regarding and respecting their inherent complexities, is essential to our welfare and happiness.  Yet much of this understanding has been lost to us over time, having dire consequences on our future development, leaving us deeply wanting and confused over our loss.  Now, the mystery of our loss has finally been solved and the way back clearly marked, demonstrating that the Creative Order of the Universe has left within us the same glorious impressions of the First Will, the key to Heaven’s First Voice To Us

At the heart of the journey within The Winds of the Soul is revealed the understanding of how we have all grown frail and impoverished as we've grown older, losing the most valuable and essential parts of ourselves as we age, witnessing and then forgetting the "Fragmentation" of our feelings and personalities in order to unwittingly obey a plethora of familial traditions and cultural mandates that yielded a host of "Frustration Complexes," which in turn have caused the deep breach between Heaven and ourselves.  As each innocent and childlike piece of us was split from our core, so we became weakened in every aspect of our personality and spirit, diminishing our capacities for intelligence and understanding, losing strength of character and desensitizing our perceptual awareness, learning to feel less and less, and accordingly grew ever more blind and deaf to Heaven's Voice within us.  Thus, in actuality, we are only shadows of who we used to be—who like comets, trail behind us a debris field littered with the remnants and bits and pieces of our former, quintessential "Higher Selves."  So lost to our true and essential identities, and except for a few fleeting memories, we remember little of the fullness of our childhoods, subsequently estranged from the fullness of who we really are, remaining shallow, undeveloped, and without true direction....  No wonder most of the elderly are growing increasingly unwise!  

Thus, the correct gathering and the restoration of these missing pieces, even our exiled children, is paramount to our happiness, now and in the future.  Indeed, without these missing children being specifically "re-membered" and restored to our consciousness and spiritual awareness, we will not be allowed to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, for in their hands and their hands alone was given the keys of knowledge and perspective appertaining to those Gates, and the certain authorities required as was proffered by Heaven from our beginning.  After all, what loving parent would allow their precious children to leave home without first entrusting them with the very keys needed to return again through the Living Gate?  This emphasis puts a new and loving meaning behind the Master's words of: 

"Except you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not  enter the kingdom of Heaven.  Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.  And whoso shall receive one such little child in my name receiveth me.  But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea." [Matthew 18:3-6 KJV]  

As is more fully explained in the The Winds of the Soul, it's foolish to think that He is just speaking about the children outside of us and around us, and not those gentle, humble, little people who we used to be and still remain exiled within us.  To be sure, those particularly within us must be "received" again to receive Him, for they have been intimately connected with Him and His Spirit from the beginning, spiritually imprinted with a portion of His Goodness. Truly, the "fragmented children" within us are older, and thus wiser in the ways of Goodness, than the adults we've become.  They hold the keys we need to go home (i.e., to enter the Kingdom of Heaven).  Without them, and the things they know and testify about being restored within us, we cannot expect to return home or find our way back again.  Indeed, how could we even entertain the possibility of returning without them, leaving them abandoned and cutoff from us—out in the cold forever?  How could we possibly explain such cowardliness and insensitivity?  That's just unthinkable!  Indeed, if we refuse this heartfelt gathering, perhaps it would have been better if we hadn't lived at all. 

It is therefore imperative that "all" of us, "all" of our children, "all" of our missing pieces that have become "naked, hungry, and homeless" within us, must be reconciled, reunited, and restored to their proper order and authority within our conscious stream and spiritual awareness—before our happiness and joy can be full, and before the Winds of our Soul will once again become full with Heaven's breathing within us....  Indeed, for so it is written:  except they are gathered and restored within us, and except we are converted to their understanding and manner, converted to their gentling and wise perspective again, and to their intimate connections with the Spirit that have always been afforded them, we shall not enter our Father's Kingdom, nor shall we know of such happiness.  These missing pieces of us hold the very keys to our completeness, even to the promises of our Salvation...


This adds new harmonious meaning and insight to the scripture that states...

"And, behold, there are last which shall be first, and there are first which shall be last" (Luke 13:30, KJV). 

In other words, those that are "first within us (the children we used to be) become those that are recovered and made part of us again at the "last."  And those children that we are at "last" reconciled to, become those that are esteemed and valued "first," being more precious than all the rest.

The Winds of the Soul shows us how to gather and reintegrate the missing and exiled children within us....showing us particularly how we are to become "as the children we were" again, so as to be Good again, giving us specific instructions as to how their memories and awareness must again be "born" or joined again into our conscious stream, by which and when applied, a "living portal" is actually created within us in which our exiled children can be delivered, regathered, and restored to our awareness again, causing an "epiphany" that is real and fathomable, through which we are to proceed according to the ways of Heaven to the Promised Land—even a personal portending of the promises given to the Children of ancient Israel when delivered from Egypt and Pharaoh through the portal established via the parting of the Sea, this previous deliverance being a "type" of that which we are all to experience personally.  These are not idle words....  These are real experiences that await us, personal manifestations of the living promises of Heaven which yearn for fulfillment.   

Most certainly, this book is much more than just another book about the "Inner Child."  It's far more penetrating, personally involving, and engaging—far more, indeed!  This book offers a plethora of long lost, sacred, and hallowed truths that can be and must be effectively restored to the reader:  real, sensible, and experiential truths perhaps never before revealed.  This is real spiritual food, offering both milk and meat, for the hungry!  It teaches us how we can be "Good" again, practicing the ways and means of His Goodness again so that they become as easy and as legitimate as breathing itself.  This is what the restoration of our missing children, and they being born again to us in and by the Spirit, is all about.  This is the critically essential bridge we need to cross that the Master has previously defined.  Through their reconciliation is enabled true contrition and repentance, true humility and honesty, truly readying us for Heaven's Gates.  Without such an understanding, our faith and repentance will be found incomplete and wanting, as surely as a thief is caught in the night.

Indeed, it is these specific understandings that become the Living Principles and subsequent "living feelings" within us critically needed to call out in sympathetic resonance to the lost and exiled children within us.  Once these tenets and "living feelings" become actively reestablished and aligned in their proper priority within our hearts and minds, then can our missing pieces and the children who we used to be become affectionately re-assimilated to their resonance.  To be sure, this exact action is what specifically prepares a place for the loving and sublime restoration of our missing children within us, enabling them to be joined with our life and ongoing awareness again.  Without these particular understandings being reestablished within us (made abundantly clear in the book) our lost children and the powers they hold can never be properly restored or reinitiated.  

Therefore, this book goes well beyond the token recognition that our "Inner Child" is so estranged from ourselves.  Instead, The Winds of the Soul recognizes the fact that there as many missing pieces of ourselves within us than there are memories of who we used to be, a cavalcade of children of different ages and understandings from our pasts, cut off from our conscious awareness and life that must be enlivened again.  The Winds of the Soul gently shows how to lovingly gather their intelligence, their spirit, their perspectives, and all the authorities and keys of understandings they had in concert with the blessings and powers of Heaven guiding us in the very process, on a path Heaven has actually requested and asked us to walk but few have ever minded.  The Winds of the Soul distinctly shows us how all of this is to be done within ourselves, giving us an understanding of the tools necessary to proceed and accomplish the task before us.  It's easy to understand message both warmly and powerfully instructs, allowing the solutions proffered to quickly become second nature to us. 

In such a journey, The Winds of the Soul is an adventurous “self-help guide” which uniquely and purposely addresses the common psychological and spiritual concerns of every one of us, and does so entertainingly, showing us how to be happy, how to hold onto that happiness, and how to avoid those internal actions which diminish the happiness we have. In ways never before explored, it will boost our spirits, give us hope about who we are, and offer some concrete and moving revelations as to why we are really here as we continue to gather those missing pieces of ourselves. This is a “user’s manual,” of sorts, offering a host of new but practical insights while providing easy to understand, readily provable psychological and spiritual concepts, and real step-by-step strategies with clear-cut instructions as how to understand and work within the array of our personal “feelings” to specifically enable the restoration of our "Higher Selves" via the restoration of all our lost children.  Now, at last we can begin to understand the realities of our "Inner World" and learn to re-harness their wonderful powers.

The Winds of the Soul is a meticulously well written book that offers a set of unique instructions that not only takes us through a journey of self-discovery and personal spiritual awakening to some of our deepest “feelings,” but also reveals the compelling underlying message behind the Gospel of Christ, as well as that which is at the lost heart of most other religions. Filled with a host of penetrating anecdotes, refreshingly new and vibrant scriptural interpretations, real stories and insightful composite case histories, this book succinctly “asks and answers” the questions that nobody else has—and in a manner which everybody can quickly understand and easily relate to.  (read more in Table of Contents and Chapter Overviews)

However, this book is neither an academic nor a religious treatise in any sense, but rather one which has been warmly but powerfully written for the ever broadening audience of those of us searching for the importance of personal answers to our lives, who are interested in knowing more about who we really are from harmonious psychological and spiritual perspectives.  Although written from a decidingly Christian perspective, this book still wonderfully and broadly speaks to many other Faiths whose adherents similarly wonder about the currents of “feelings” which run through them, what these “feelings” really are, where they come from, and how to work with them. Also in the offering are some profound personal experiences of self-discovery which will prove deeply and emotionally satisfying to its wide readership.  It’s a book that will be read and reread continually, easily becoming one of our favorites, and one which we will want to share with everybody we love, whether of like faith or not. 

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