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Why This Book is so Very Valuable~

In reality, The Winds of the Soul (consisting of 749 pages and 10 Chapters) is actually Ten (10) Wonderful Books in One, each chapter being whole and thoroughly complete in itself with its own distinct message and warm understanding; each a separate incidence of understanding which must be gleaned before taking the next step along the path.   Therefore, each can be read and enjoyed singularly....  However, the principles learned in one chapter are successively built upon in latter chapters, each being a spiritual tool and key by which the others can be understood more fully and deeply.  More than just written words, this book is a "living" experience--one that both involves and changes us!


The entire book of all Ten Chapters represents an exciting and exhaustive path, that teaches us how to restore our lost intelligence and our faculties of awareness of the Spirit in its entirety, allowing us to live smarter and wiser thereafter with a deep appreciation of every moment within our life.  We will gain a succinct recognition of how powerful our synchronized and gathered "children" really are once they are allowed again to be a seamless part our conscious stream. We will feel their "life" and perspective being "reborn again" within our awareness, growing kinder, gentler, and wiser because of their Heavenly influence once again being made part of our lives.  Truly, these are life-changing experiences often ignored or thought impossible by most of us, yet are now made available within The Winds of the Soul....


Again, The Winds of the Soul is a "threshold book" consisting of many, many rich lessons, by which and when applied, a "living portal" is actually created within us in which our exiled children can be delivered, regathered, and restored to our awareness again, causing an "epiphany" that is real and fathomable, through which we are to proceed according to the ways of Heaven.  These are not idle words....  These are the promises that await our fulfillment.  This book offers a plethora of long lost, sacred, and hallowed truths that can be effectively restored to the reader:  real, sensible, and experiential truths perhaps never before revealed.  This is real spiritual food, offering both milk and meat, for the hungry!  


The Winds of the Soul is literally packed full of rarely articulated, useful, and cogent information--actually revealing the secrets of Life and the Way of Goodness that few have ever dared imagine before.  So riveting, every page holds direction and understanding that is invaluable to the reader, and each will subsequently be read and reread often all on its own.  Without doubt, this volume of wisdom and inspiration is one which will change our lives like few others, edifying whatsoever is "Good" within us while leading us to do better. 


Moreover, this book boldly offers unique Old and New Testament scriptural interpretations never before cited:  indisputably revealing new, intelligent, spiritually viable understandings and edifying insights that few have ever published before, and yet are immediately embraced within our hearts of hearts as the Spirit bears affirmation.  Finally, the "totality" of the Scriptures and the Word, and the reasons for them, can make sense to all of us!  Previously unrecorded or seen, these insights in themselves makes The Winds of the Soul an invaluable reference for the spiritually inclined and student of the Holy Scriptures.  


So instructive, this is a book that will profoundly affect its readership.  Its salient and delicious teachings gradually open doors of understandings both to our pasts and our futures, allowing us to finally see ourselves from the perspective of the Heavens, and actually begin on a path that has long been meticulously prepared for us.  Indeed, upon reading, it's a journey that  will actually change us and redirect the course of our lives for the better.  Therefore, this is not just an "ordinary" book which seeks to entertain and offer some insight in the process, but one which uniquely and intimately reveals the hidden secrets of our lives like none other.  So powerful and valuable, this will surely become a classic within our time!   


More about what the Book can do for you~ 

Through the messages contained within the Winds of the Soul, we can finally and simply learn... 

…How to mend our relationships with our children:  bullet

How the complexities and wisdom of parenting can actually be learned from own childhood. bullet

How to deeply relate to our children and be certain of the goodly guidance we give to them. bullet

Why and how we are to earn our children’s trust and become wise, supporting mentors. bullet

What the biggest reason is behind all family conflicts: The "Frustration Complex.” bullet

How to completely heal familial wounds, family hurt, and the soured memories of our past. bullet

How to disentangle family problems, emotional difficulties, and avoid further crisis.

…How to better our relationships with others: bullet

What it is that makes us so similar to each other..., and why we don’t know it. bullet

How to really listen to others and hear the hidden meanings within their messages. bullet

Why it is that some of us become attracted to the wrong kinds of people. bullet

How we can avoid the unnecessary emotional hurt and baggage of others. bullet

When and how to target our affections correctly and wisely, and receive in like kind. bullet

How to know who we should trust..., and who we shouldn’t. bullet

What we specifically need to know to stop others from using and hurting us. bullet

How to earn the legitimate respect and love of others while ensuring love’s longevity. bullet

What the elemental ingredients of sincere Affection really are and how to master them. bullet

What the biggest reason for failed relationships and Divorce is.

…How to enhance the spirituality of our families and ourselves: bullet

How some of the so-called religious amongst us have really missed the proverbial mark, and may deny the very “One” thing they preach and claim to follow.  bullet

How the act of Faith is, in fact, no “blind leap” but must be based on “substantial evidence.” bullet

How to precisely and assuredly know if we’re right or wrong about anything in our life.  bullet

How to progressively grow closer to our God, our families, and loved ones. bullet

What the basis of Hope & Charity really are and how we are blessed by their use. bullet

How to find out the personal reason’s behind our life’s purpose and get behind it. bullet

What our Conscience really is and how it has been given to work its wonder within us. bullet

What the secret power-relationship between goodness, happiness and fortune really is. bullet

How to possess happiness in our life and not let it slip away.

…How to improve our personal psychological & spiritual welfare: bullet

How to increase our own personal capacity for intelligence and creativity. bullet

How the "youngest" parts of us are really the "oldest" parts of us. bullet

How to sort out and finally understand the complexities of our inner world. bullet

What our “feelings” really are and how to use them with increased effectiveness. bullet

How we can stop the erosion of our happiness and our personalities: “Fragmentation.” bullet

Why the elderly are becoming increasingly unwise and how to avoid a similar fate. bullet

How it is that we can finally learn to possess, own, and be in command of ourselves. bullet

How it’s possible to reawaken our deepest memories and restore them to our awareness. bullet

What we need to do to strengthen and stabilize our personalities: The “Re-membering.” bullet

What we need to know to naturally increase our self-esteem & self-confidence.

... How recent Scientific findings are now validating some of the major tenets of the Bible, furthering our understanding of who we really are: bullet

How hard Science is now suggesting that the possibilities of the proof of our purpose and the Divine’s intentions can ironically be found within the physical realities of the deepness of space-time, and within the foundation of Science itself. bullet

How the events of our lives are anything but random—finding evidence in the recent discoveries of Biology and Genetics that the prospect of Life itself has been redefined as a non-chance event and could not have possibly evolved randomly in all its known diversity within the space, time, and matter considerations of our known universe.  bullet

How the fossil records themselves now reveal the inescapable conclusions of the purposeful and directed pre-seeding of Life (or Creation), turning the world of Science upside down, directly refuting the underpinnings  of Darwin’s Gradual Theory of Evolution and scientifically disavowing the process of Natural Selection. bullet

How the age of our universe, estimated at 15.75 billion years, can scientifically be shown, through demonstrably simple but sound mathematical calculations consistent with the realities of Einstein’s Law of Relativity and known Cosmological fact, to be exactly equal to the 6 days of Creation as originally indicated in the Bible. 

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