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        Dr. Young's Fresh Insight Makes Great Programming...

Already having already appeared on over 250 Radio and TV shows,  Dr. Young is personable, insightful, and entertaining  ---the perfect regular guest to comment on the psychology behind the latest news and trends. 

"Dr. Gregory Young is a MARVELOUS interview--the hour seemed to fly by and that's the mark of a GREAT show!"  

David McMillian, Host/Producer:  Strategies for Living, KBCL.

"Dr. Gregory Young's message NEEDS to reach the parents and children of the world, before it's too late. His book should be in each and every school and mandatory reading for ALL teachers & parents!" 
Connie Giblin, Producer & Host, Bob Butts, Co-Host:  Positive Press Radio,  WAAT 750 am

Availability:  North Carolina, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone.


Dr. Young is prepared to speak clearly, uniquely, and entertainingly on any of these compelling issues and other current issues.  And, it’s all based on the perspective from his books and free monthly Newsletters....


(1)  The Liberal Mindset is actually a Gross Cognitive and Personality Dysfunction Needing Therapy!

How America's Liberal Mindset is actually a psychological impairment masquerading as normal and healthy.  It's not!.  Dr. Young argues how a Liberal mentation is actually a subtly disturbing cognitive disorder, stemming from a prematurely consolidated ego-structure, making the resulting personality ungenerous, weak, small-minded and timorous, overly self-involved and preoccupied with oneself, becoming increasingly more self-absorbed, egocentric, and unabashedly narcissistic, misshapening and distorting their perceptions until they no longer view reality correctly or accurately.  Liberal Mindsets continually reject, distract, and attenuate any challenging stimulation to their reality, grossly disfiguring any understanding that may be gleaned thereafter to one that only fits their own self-reference, while being continually paranoid and fearful of the world around them.  From this examination we may learn why our present culture is under attack, of a type that mirrors the same psychological roots of dysfunction of the Islamic-Fascist Terrorists.  From the judicial irregularities now common where Liberal Judges are rewriting our Constitution, their judgments spiraling downhill out of control, to the liberal indoctrination of America's youth through a leftist educational agenda, our culture is being attacked from within, being misled by Liberalist propaganda that has inculcated their life-sapping sophistry into our everyday lives.  Amazing controversial thesis..., made easy to understand.... Generates great calls...



(2) How the “Religious” Often Miss the Proverbial “Mark!”

How some of those ardently professing to believe in God, embarrassingly deny the very “One” thing they preach and claim to follow! Whoops! How and why they’ve missed the point of it all, and what implications this has for “believers” and “unbelievers.” Is history repeating itself? Are the blind leading the blind again? How do we recognize the truth of anything, anyhow? How the act of Faith is, in fact, no “blind leap” but must be based on “substantial evidence.” Some surprising and worthwhile conclusions no matter what you believe in..., or even if you don’t! Presents attractive new playing field for skeptics!  



(3) No, “Life” is NOT a “Random Event” Bullying Us Into Submission! 

How Science actually proves that “life” is a nonrandom, non-chance event, and therefore, every event in our life has to have purpose! Incredibly, the mathematical and scientific evidence is easily found within our understanding of the space-time continuum itself. Now knowing that life’s events can’t possibly just “happen” to us, we are invited to find renewed promises in life. How it all works and what’s it all for. What to do if and when we’re feeling overwhelmed, or contentiously defiant. How to live in harmony with the purposes we can find and the reasons we can accept. Hope filled and uplifting, this becomes a real reason to celebrate...


(4) How the Human Genome Proves that Darwin Was Wrong After All! 

Our understanding of evolution has been turned upside down, not by the theologians, but by scientists and the fossil records themselves, showing that Darwin wasn’t right! We now have definitive proof that ancient single-cell organisms were fast-tracked and pre-seeded to provide higher forms of life with the pre-configured genetic hardware they needed. “Directed Panspermia/Creation” is in vogue! It seems that life is far more of a process of “unfolding” rather than “evolving!” So why is Darwinian Evolution still being taught in our schools as the “truth” when most scientists (as published in Science, Scientific American, Nature, Time, Newsweek, etc.) know it’s wrong? The implications are startling....


(5) Our “Desensitized” Culture: Opening the Door for Another Hitler?

There are disturbing signs within our cultural psychology that suggest that we are becoming ripe to be fooled again by the same deceitful mesmerisms and false sentimentalities. How we’re unwittingly setting ourselves up for the fall, making the same mistakes of those in the past. Under attack are the basis of how we come to know and understand anything. Without the legitimacy of real memory and conscience, tyrants and dictatorial systems could flourish, and the threat of some future holocaust could suddenly occur. Irresistible listening, startling, well grounded.... 


(6) Why Baby-boomers Are the Worst Parents Ever!  

The real reasons behind increases in divorce rates and failed family relationships! The baby-boomers’ self-centered, self-absorbed, insular psychological folly and fantasy bred from the 50’s and 60’s has become the common burden for all of us.  How the hypocritical baby-boomers’ past call for "peace” and "make love, not war" has ironically come to mean presently “make war, not love!”  How we are rewarding the conniving "Eddie Haskell's" of the world while we become bored with the treasures offered by the "Wally and Beaver Cleavers" amongst us.  How to unmask the pitfalls of our traditions, save our relationships, and finally free our hearts and minds from failed popular dogma.  Wonderfully honest, easy to see....



7) The Damages of “Profiling” Extends Beyond the Races!  

Indeed, it’s only the tip of the iceberg! Become aware of how and why we wrongly “profile” everyone in our society.  From children to the elderly, whether we’re fat or thin, pretty or ugly, rich or poor, no one escapes the diminution of hurtful profiling and the isolation that it really causes for all of us.  Why, children subsequently mistrust and disrespect most adults, learning that the system is just something “to get around.”  Where and why it starts, what we need to know to stop it, and why this message is so important.


(8) The Real Reason Behind Rising Divorce Rates and Failed Relationships!

Since National Divorce rates for failed first marriages are over 50%, for failed second marriages: over 60%, and for failed third marriages: over 70%, it's obvious that we're certainly not learning from our mistakes!  Learn why such decay is happening and how to turn things around!  Believe it or not, the secret is found in understanding the realities of a rare phenomenon called "love at first sight."  Learn what "real love" really is and how to avoid the pitfalls of infatuation, lust, and neediness as the basis of a relationship.  How to recapture the loving vision of your partner.  Insightful, warmly profound, and wonderfully uplifting!

(9) Is the Media Really Making Our Society More Violent and Immoral, or is it Something Else? 

The answer will surprise most:  “No, it’s not the media’s fault!” It may be a factor, but it pales in comparison to the real reason for violence and decaying morality in our society.  There’s something far worse going on, and by blaming the media we’re just proving ourselves more irresponsible and deflect from examination the real issues of causality—the roots of our own insularity and selfishness.  Bereft of input from our own “feeling base,” we become impoverished and openly invite any form of stimulation to fill up our emptiness—losing awareness of what really satisfies. 


(10) Why We’re losing the “War” on Drugs, Addiction, and Accountability!

Why it’s such a problem with us and the deeper reasons for its recidivism.  The reasons for the cover-up, and the problems with prescription drugs and our elderly.  Why government programs continue to fail year after year. Why the Health Industry may not really care, but has reason to exacerbate the problem for its own financial ends:  The redefining of a “disease” and its profitable implications.  The solution—recover the intimacies and responsibilities of the inner world by facing the real problem: “Avoidance: the mother and harlot of all addiction.”  Urgent, cogent and timely!

(11) The “Keepers of the Lies:” Why the Elderly are Becoming Increasingly Unwise

                                            ....and how we're falling in right behind them! 

How and why memory can be changed over time, and our intellectual capacity destroyed prematurely.  How we're losing the most valuable parts of ourselves as we all grow older, and even forget about our loss as soon as it happens.  Why so many of us are getting more and more depressed and don’t improve.  Why some of the elderly are really “not very nice,” becoming worse, and are just plain difficult to be around.  Why we shouldn't listen to them, or be exceptionally careful in following their advice.  How the youngest parts of us are really the oldest parts of us, and the implications for us all. Astoundingly simple!

(12) How to Learn Good Lessons from Bad Childhoods!

Things called “Frustration Complexes” are the powerful roots of most if not all of our psychological problems, based on the brain’s inherent abilities to seek for resolution and consistencies at all levels.  When these veiled complexes dominate our lives, albeit unconsciously, we choose the wrong mates, the wrong business partners, the wrong friends, and get ourselves into all sorts of befuddling trouble.  How to get out of the mess we find ourselves in and ensure that it doesn’t happen again.  How to uncover and resolve the soured memories of our own past, and how to prevent them from reoccurring in our children. How to completely heal and avoid the hidden pitfalls of familial wounds in the future simply by being aware of our own “feeling” base. Incredibly compelling, easy to relate to....


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