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Tried Everything from other Speakers and Nothing Works?  Want Something Different that Does Work?  

"Don't be fooled......All the fancy, silver, and gold gilded directions in the world won't do us a bit of good unless you have the right "Map!.... If you find you're off track, confused, or lost, try looking at a new Map that conforms more readily to the realities of your world....Continuingly following the wrong Map won't solve your often makes them worse!"  Dr. Gregory Young; Seminar: "The Frustration Complex..."

So says Dr. Gregory Young who in his series of seminars and workshops offers new "Maps of Guidance" by which to quickly and clearly understand the world around us.  Taking a serious, conservative, but unconventional, "anti-cookie-cutter" approach of how to deal with life, Dr. Gregory Young speaks of a brand new paradigm, one that integrates the complex realities of our psychologies to the sensitivities of our spiritualities, allowing more empowerment to all participants. 

The reason for this success is simple....  His inspirational presentations deal with the real roots of our problems, resulting in accurate new "maps" that apply in every situation and setting, dealing with the totality of who we are.  Through his continuing analysis of the interdynamics existing between and within people, their organizations, and life itself, he has a knack of turning complexities into simplicities, resolving the uncertainty of paradox into clear rivers of opportunity, redefining problems once thought impossible or too complicated to understand with penetrating clarity.  His powerful life-changing perspective is exhilarating, teaching unique skills and simple techniques that nobody can afford to be without, and that promise real, long-lasting results. 

Dr. Young is an expert in both arenas of Industrial and Clinical Psychology, a highly skilled public speaker and communicator, an innovator who is broadly based in facilitating change, capable of reaching and motivating vast and diverse audiences, empowering his audiences like none other.  His teachings are multidimensional, direct, timely, and cannot be found elsewhere.  His presentations are spontaneous, bright, and humorous as he continually surprises his audiences with penetrating analysis and candid insight.  A skilled orator, he uplifts his audience with unforgettable moments of heart-felt pathos, creating deep connections with others through his message to which everyone can easily relate, no matter the make up of his listeners. 

      Isn't this somebody you would like to speak to you and your organization?

Dr. Young has over 20 years of experience in public speaking to various professional groups and National and International Conventions.  Instructive as well as entertaining, he rises to speak about a number of subjects customized to his audience needs and host requirements, all relating back to the wonderful message of restoration contained and conveyed within his inspirational and trend-setting book The Winds of the Soul.  

His timely and universal problem-solving strategies and creative techniques have acquired broad cross-cultural and professional appeal, having diverse practical application for those representing the Religious, Scientific, Business, and Legal Communities, including Scientists, Academics, Doctors (MD's, PhD's, DO's, DC's), Superior Court Judges, Lawyers, Pastors & Churches, as well as CEO's, Corporate Managers and Sales Personnel.

Seminars & Workshops: Choose (click on) from a Variety of Serial Topics of half-day and full-day Workshops and Seminars:


 Workshops and Seminars:

The Frustration Complex: Who's in Control of 'All of This' Anyway?  
Don't Just Think 'Outside the Box'--- Go Beyond it Entirely!
How to Become a 'People Whisperer'™:  Speaking the Inner Language"

"Customer Service:  Poison or Panacea?

Additional Specialized Christian-based Workshops:

Effectively Understanding Heaven's First Voice To Us!
 Renewing the Covenant of Marriage and the Meaning of One Flesh!
How to Awaken The Living Principles of Heaven Within Us!

The God Scripted Science of the Creation ~ How Darwin was Wrong!


Booking Speaking Engagements:

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(Pricing varies depending on audience size and travel time. All travel and lodging costs are additional charges. Depending upon audience size, assistants will be additional at the cost of the "Fee" plus 10%.)


Special Conference Pricing on copies of The Winds of the Soul:
Bookstore priced at $59.95-$79.95. Conference price is $39.95 per copy/Book-signing available.

Domestic and International Travel Surcharge:
The pricing schedule is based partially on domestic United States travel times before and after the presentation.  International destinations requiring more travel time and circadian adjustment will be assessed a surcharge. These surcharges will be proportionately reduced if several presentations are given at the same international location.

Travel Accommodations:
Round Trip First Class Airline and First Class Hotel charges plus expenses (meals, taxis, etc.) are invoiced at our cost. 


Domestic U.S. flights: unrestricted, Round Trip First Class tickets. bullet

International flights: unrestricted, Round Trip First Class tickets.

Workshop Date Confirmation & Billing:
We require a 50% deposit plus the prepayment of all Airline tickets; remaining fees plus all incurred expenses and charges due payable upon receipt of final bill.  However, in the event you need to change the date or cancel the workshop, we require a minimum of sixty days notice, plus all nonrefundable costs and other ancillary scheduling costs already undertaken will be charged accordingly.  The full workshop fee and all nonrefundable costs will be charged for a cancellation that occurs within three weeks of the scheduled workshop.

Minimum Equipment Requirements: 

2 Radio/wireless clip-on microphones with battery backup, Professional Public Address System, Interface for Laptop Computer with Audio-Visual Equipment in Auditorium (exact specifications available), Adjustable Podium, Staging, Lights to be supplied by event organizer.


Video and Audio Production of Your Event:

All Video/Audio reproduction of Dr. Young's talks, seminars, and workshops without the express written permission of Dr. Young is strictly prohibited.  Selective Video/Audio production is available for the host at an additional charge of cost plus 20%.  All Video and/or Audio reproduction of the event remains the property of, and is copyrighted, by Dr. Young.  Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Dr. Young, all copying and distribution of these productions will be facilitated through his offices at a nominal fee for those participating at the event or for others belonging to the hosting organization.  Separate licensing for Videos/Audios reproduction rights for the hosting organization can be considered for a nominal fee and will depend on extent and scope of distribution, number of copies, dates of distribution, etc.

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