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The Winds of Forgiveness ~Heaven's Healing Promises~

Preface xi

CHAPTER  ONE:  Our First Steps 

Introduction     1
Uncluttering the Closets     6
The Reasons for Failure     30

Overview:  Probably one of the most misunderstood Principles of Heaven is that of Forgiveness itself.  This chapter reviews the mistaken notions of Forgiveness that have saddled us with misdirection and frustration, leading us to unclutter our spiritual closets and rely anew upon the teachings of Jesus Christ.  Indeed, our cultural and religious failures surrounding our understanding and practice of Forgiveness spring from our leaving the simple and direct teachings of the Lord.  Namely, that we are to first (1) become as a little child that believes in Him, even restoring the "children we used to be" that were made in His Image, (2) become born again and by the merits of Christ and (3) come unto the Father by Christ.  These simple indivisible steps make up the Lord's simple admonition for our Forgiveness and Salvation, which directions constitute His "line drawn in the sand," often wrongly trivialized and greatly misunderstood, if not dumbed down, by many Christian denominations today..., which failing only leads us further away from the healing promises of Heaven and our own capacities to be forgiven of Heaven and offer our forgiveness to others. 

CHAPTER  TWO:   God's Unfailing Pattern 

A time to Reconsider     57

Judging by the Word    72
But Make Righteous Judgments     84
Casting the First Stone    110

Overview:  One of the most misunderstood doctrines to plague Christianity is that involving judgment.  Most would prefer the overly simplistic view to not judge anyone or anything at anytime, so as to avoid His Judgment altogether.  In fact, from a very early age we are wrongly taught the injunction of  "don't judge" as the means to secure "sainthood."  But contrary to "Religious Correctness," the Lord teaches that if we are to honor Him, we are to make righteous judgments with everybody and everything that we come across.  Indeed, contrary to what we hear in many pulpits today, we are specifically commanded by God to even judge Himself so as to become convinced of His Goodness and Majesty, and come out or our sins.  We would be faithless servants otherwise.  Thus, the means to proper and correct judgment has been deceptively hidden, and remains just another missing teaching in Christendom today, not taught in our Churches and Chapels, which failing again, only leads us away from Heaven's Forgiveness and Salvation, not towards it.  Revealed within this chapter is the Scriptural direction and confirming evidence as to where it is that we find the proper measure for all our judgments, even the Seed-Pattern of His Righteousness within us, as did faithful Abraham...., whereby all our works are brought into His Light for loving discernment and discrimination, and wherein His Righteousness is imputed unto us because of our faith in the Lord.

CHAPTER  THREE:   The Road Less Thought Of


More Mistaken Notions   139

More to be Re-membered   156

The Rippling Effect    165

Overview:  As wrongful and misunderstood as "pop-religion's" injunction of "don't judge," perhaps even more debilitating to the process of Forgiveness is the mantra of "don't remember," interfering with the process of Heaven's Forgiveness from the very start.  In fact, many Churches continue to teach this insidious doctrine, believing that once we've repented, all the memories of our sins and their associated repercussions will be erased from our awareness, duly forgotten for evermore, proffering a diatribe that is Scripturally unfounded and treacherously misleading, and one which offers the wrong direction in teaching us how to forgive others.  In fact, the Lord's Atoning sacrifice could never be applied to our lives if this were true.  Herein the devious and wrongful role of "forgiving by forgetting" is examined and defrocked, with Scriptural evidence that leads us to see that the Lord wishes us to never forget, but always remember all of our whole stories, so that the generosities and treasures of Heaven may be given us.  If we are not so directed, then we shamefully dismiss the rippling effects and resulting invasive concussions of all our sins, irresponsibly ignoring the full duties of repentance, and turning further way from the Lord's Atoning Sacrifice and the Forgiveness of Heaven.    

CHAPTER  FOUR:    Mistaken Innocence

The Matter of an Enigma    193
Resolution of the Paradox   209

The Course of Humility    224


Overview:  Chapter Four explores the depravities of pride, the worst offender of Forgiveness, as a two-sided coin:  the one parading as pridefully based feigned innocence the we can't possibly support, and the other masquerading as the face of false humility, which simply leads us to be without mercy, courage, or generosity in our lives.  Pride is the third injunction (along with "don't judge" and "don't remember") from Hell which cripples our right to seek for Forgiveness, by inducing us to hide from the realities of living, and "don't act."  The essence of each fundamental counterpart of pride is examined only to discover that such pride keeps us away from the necessary repentance and Forgiveness we desire, weakening our spiritual resolve and darkening our hearts.  Moreover, feigned innocence keeps us from ever receiving the Mantle of Christ's Innocence, a treasure more valuable than any bauble of native innocence that we may otherwise entertain.  True Humility is discovered to be the act of "daring not to be first," a frame of reference unknown by the world and rarely taught in Christian Churches, a Principle that once practiced makes us strong and resolute in the Lord's Word and leads us further in to His Kingdom.

CHAPTER  FIVE:   Our Missing Pieces

A Familiar Call    245
Following the Prescription     268

The Wife of our Youth    291

Overview:  Following the understanding given by Christ in his sermon to Nicodemus, we are instructed to become a little child so as to enter the Kingdom of Heaven... What this really means is thoroughly explored, allowing us the never before revealed understanding as to what it really means to take upon ourselves the Name of Christ, even His Word, and be saved in His Kingdom.  The facts of our kinship and peerage with Heaven are here revealed in startling clarity, with supporting Scriptures and with the continuing aid of Hebrew derivations to make things more clear to our minds and hearts.  All of the connections we previously enjoyed with Heaven through the prescribed restoration of the "children we used to be" who believe in Him, can be simply and easily reinstalled within us, His Holy Spirit guiding our very footsteps thereafter. The very simple and loving secrets of this process have been kept from the wise and the worldly learned, and only to be revealed to the contrite and humble.

CHAPTER  SIX:   The Cleansing Way

Protecting the Children Within     313
Until Seventy times Seven     334
Extending 'Love Towards the Unlovely'     352
The Patient Precision of His Hand   366

The Kinship of a Child     379


Overview:  Chapter Six shows us the reasons and means of protecting, once found and restored, the "children we used to be" that are made in His Image, and the resonations of His Voice that have always been embedded within those very special parts of ourselves ever since we were born into this world.  A new factor of Forgiveness is revealed wherein "incremental Forgiveness" is amply demonstrated being derived from the Lord's teaching of "Seventy time seven," and further substantiated by the Scriptures themselves.  The manner of heartfelt Forgiveness thus enabled is explored, revealing the secrets of empathy and the resulting prowess of perceptual clarity that can result for the faithful, further opening our hearts and preparing us for Heaven's Healing Promises.  Such ushers us into a awareness of our true needfulness, a form of intelligent awareness that is based upon the promptings of the Holy Spirit, one that rends the heart and directs us further into examining our whole stories under the Light of His Mercy and Judgment.  With such ongoing Spiritual Introspection and Retrospection, we are brought to see the reasons for our kinship with Heaven, as our faith in Him is increased and our Forgiveness made more sweet and secure within our hearts.

CHAPTER  SEVEN:    Our Grandest Try

The Fear of the Light     407
Clothing the Naked     421
The Threads of Sorrow    441
With His Sacred Help   460


Overview:  Herein is revealed the certain way and means whereby we are to approach God when seeking His direction and Forgiveness, furthering the discoveries of the last chapter that He and His Seed-Pattern remain a blessed part of us, if we only choose to listen and obey His Word within us.  Herein we discover that we must have the protecting mantle of the "children we used to be" that were made in His Image, if we are to speak with Him without harm.  As they hold our hand in theirs, their other hand holds the Hand of the Lord.  Herein is made plain the realities of our makeup, and how the threads and connections that we have been given with Heaven are re-enabled within us.  This perspective finally yields a wonderfully enlightened understanding of why sorrow itself is such a needful part of repentance and Forgiveness..., and what it actually and secretly represents, being a blessing of Heaven which has never been embraced by many in Christendom, but again trivialized and made unimportant by the masses.  Also explored in consequence with this new understanding, is why the path to His Kingdom doesn't end with just water Baptism.  Rather we need the Lord Himself to cleanse the record and history of where our feet have tread in this life, mirroring the ordinance of the washing of feet given to the Apostles after the Last Supper, making sure that our repentance and Forgiveness makes us clean "every whit."

CHAPTER  EIGHT:   The Pattern of Prayer

The Prayers of Jabez and Solomon    477
A Conditional Request    503
A Stone in the Way    520
The Lord's Prayer Re-membered   528

Overview:  In all things there is a Pattern, and the precise Pattern of God is found therein dwelling.  Especially in the prayers of the faithful do we find the same resonating message from our Heavenly Father.  The true message of increase is explored and expanded upon, examining the similarities between the prayers of Jabez and Solomon and the Lord's Prayer itself, yielding new, exciting, never-before-published, directions for our prayers, revealed secrets that enlist our whole stories and guarantee the greatest success of being heard by Heaven.  By following the veiled instructions found within the tapestry of these very sacred prayers, we learn more about the inherent connections between Heaven and ourselves, if we would only respect them.  So armed with fresh understanding and revelation, we learn how the hidden powers contained within these pleadings may then further advance the cause of our own prayers, giving us the specific direction needed as to how to approach Heaven to be heard.  Through the reaffirmation of the presence of His Word within us, the Name and Word of God becoming the pivotal point upon which our requests hinge, our prayers become more legitimately infused with meaning, humility and honesty, requesting His Shepherding to lead us into His Kingdom of still waters and green pastures, allowing the greatest access to His Powers of Forgiveness and Increase.  Finally, never before revealed in any published text or script, the further importance of the restoration of the "children we used to be" (made in His Image) is clearly unfolded as the original intention and template of the Lord's ancient Ark and Covenant----the deeper meaning of the very Ark of God and what it portends for each of us personally, given for a place wherein the Lord's Commandments would be kept, as well as the place wherein His Word would manifest itself upon the wings of the Cherubim, and which Ark and the template it represented was to proceed Israel in all of its journey's.  


Epilogue     567

Scriptural References and Topical Index      577


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