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The Winds of the Soul ~Heaven's First Voice to Us~

Preface xi

CHAPTER ONE: The Troubled Inheritance 

Introduction     1
The Forgotten Cause of Happiness     8
An Abundance of the Outer World     22
The Poverty of the Inner World     30
The Road to Responsibility     42

Overview:  This introductory chapter speaks to the immediate predicament that we find ourselves in this world, wherein our "Outer World" is offered to us exquisitely and precisely defined, but our "Inner World" appears sadly lacking any clear definition or understanding.  In fact, these discrepancies appear peculiarly predetermined, every effort being expended by our world to keep us away from discovering the realities of our feelings and the currents of our "Inner World," keeping us impoverished, undeveloped, and away from our true inheritance.  The Winds of the Soul takes us upon a journey whereby we begin the deeply personal process of discovering the powers of our "Inner World" and what we have to do in order to be in harmony with them.  The power relationship between Goodness, Fortune and Happiness is also explored, namely, that our understanding and practice of Goodness directly effects the degree of Happiness and Fortune that enters our lives, as well how critically important the development of our "Inner World" really is...  

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CHAPTER TWO: The Principle Voice in the Wilderness   

The Hope of the Inner World     53
Chorusing Menageries     57
Magnifying Inner Experiences     60
The Relationship Between Feelings, 
Thoughts and Emotions     63
The Source of the Winds Themselves: 
The Nature of a Feeling     67
The Journey Begins      72
A Sense of Uniqueness     77
Mirrored Reflections     81
The Sacred Purpose of Self-Awareness     84
Ever Deepening Promises     89
The Seraphic Oracle     93
The Heart of the Matter     97
Two Inevitable Sources     104
The Peaceful Bounty     112
The Ever Bright Cornucopia of Light     122
Postscript: Some Needed Caution     136

Overview:  This chapter begins the process of clearly defining the available constructs and nature of our "Inner World," and how and why we are consciously aware of our feelings.  Finally, our "feelings" and everything else going on within our "Inner World" can be understood.  Clearly and thoroughly explained are the likenesses and differences between our feelings, thoughts, and emotions, what they are, where they come from, our inherent capacities in understanding and experiencing them, and the hidden, very sacred meanings behind them.  Also articulated is how the Spirit may work through us and our psychologies, and how these elusive functions are not so far apart from each other as some would have us believe, reconciling these experiential aspects of ourselves without contradiction in the understanding the Winds of the Soul.  In the offering are some surprises, too, such as our deepest "feelings" are in fact "Living Principles" given to us by the Heaven's themselves, gently seeded within us from our beginning... 


CHAPTER THREE: By Subtle Persuasion

A Forgotten Closeness         143
The Richly Poignant Watch Tower     148
Echoes of False Traditions     156
By Twisted Combinations     175
The Scourge of Impoverishment     186

Overview:  Chapter Three begins to explore the reasons why the exploration and definitions of our "Inner World" has generally been kept from us.  The cultural and familial traditions amongst us that have unwittingly worked to keep us undeveloped are surprising and disturbing to say the least when at last revealed.  Although once pointed out, they become easy to identify within our own families and experiences, their ways and means become difficult to challenge and uproot.  The cost of swimming against familial and cultural currents is examined and found to be greater than most of us realize, often replete with paradoxes and two-edged swords.  Here, within this chapter, we learn how we become numbed to "Inner World" realities and the guidance proffered, and unwittingly began denying the wisdom we could have gleaned.  How the development of our egos plays into these scenarios and the damages incurred is also explored and explained in ways not commonly found today, offering an exciting new understanding of psychological and spiritual development.  Within a text which flows seamlessly from one point to another, the basis of our difficulties in growing up are laid bared for all to see.  The scriptures are re-examined in this light and wonderfully, it not surprisingly,  found to help us succor direction in ways never before interpreted--the way to resolution and fulfillment of goodly expectations...



CHAPTER FOUR: The Malignant Betrayal

The Best Defense     206
The Frustration Complex     208
Keepers of the "Lies"     217
Unholy Legacies     228
Alchemies of Addiction     240
The Continuing Fragmentation     250
“…Seek it in My Arms”     268

Overview:  Chapter Four continues to explore the questions and strategies of personal confinements raised in the last Chapter concerning the costs of finding our own way.  Reality based, here revealed for the first time are reasons why our psychologies can get so mixed up over time and the consequences we are doomed to experience unless we look to our "Inner World" and the directions afforded us by the Winds of the Soul.  How we became fellow "Keepers of the Lies" and the dire ramifications of such a choice is fully explored.  Indeed, the basis of all psychological and spiritual dysfunction is revealed within an understanding of the "Frustration Complex," and how such a complex, when not appropriately resolved, is kept alive from one generation to another, the "sins of the fathers being handed down upon the children."  The solution to solving our own "Frustration Complexes" and the Fragmentation of the missing pieces of ourselves, even our lost and exiled children, is offered in detail, with a composite case analysis as an example.  And too, through this window of understanding is revealed the cyclic basis of all addictions, abuses, and trauma, and the costs associated when not willing to resolve personal and familial problems.  The ways and means of resolution are clearly marked for each of us who are willing, learning what this specifically means for us in our relationship to His Spirit, The Winds of the Soul, and our personal identities...  The basis of our developing psychology and its relationship to our spirituality are distinctly bridged and finally revealed as a partnership previously bequeathed to us by the Heavens, but few of us have ever fully realized...


CHAPTER FIVE: The Lost “Re-membering” 

Ever Onward     277
Heroic Gatherings     278
A Stone in the Way     282
The Goodly Matter Before Us 285
The Making of Heroes     294

Overview:  Herein the Principles of Goodness, and their associated feelings are fully explored and offered to the reader.  Hopeful and uplifting, this chapter begins the journey of making the "Living Principles" that can be found within us, a part of us, helping us to discover our true identities as proffered by the Heavens themselves.  This is the heart-stone which must be found again within us in order to set up the resonance needed for our lost and fragmented children to return.  Here we will learn that specifically encoded within us in a very special way, even in spiritual seed form just waiting for our personal discovery and our eagerness to be manifested, is to be discovered the source of all happiness, the actual Seed of Goodness originally rooted within us all.  Reaffirmed and deepened in this experience is the importance of our "Inner World" and the Winds of the Soul that blows through us, as well as new Scriptural interpretations which further validate this very personal life affirming witness and testimony.  We also begin our understanding of His Commandments in ways never before offered or hitherto lovingly explained either spiritually or temporally, which has direct personal and immediate application to our lives.  In the process,  we gain an unique understanding of what the "re-membering" really is, namely to actually make something apart of us again, to make it part of our "member" again--so that it may blend with our conscious awareness, and how to easily enable this process within us and have it sustain our life thereafter...  


CHAPTER SIX: Guarding the Hallowed Stirring 

Awakening the Child     319
The Transgression of Affection     323
Unfettering the Shackles     331
The Selling of Integrity     341

Overview:  Chapter Six begins the rite of passage in understanding what the nature of our affections really are, how these feelings actually work, where they're from, and how we are to correctly target them for our benefit as well as for the benefit of others.  The powers of affection (these particular feelings we may have towards others and other things) and what and why they have been given to us, is quietly and demonstrably unveiled by the Heavens themselves.  Here, we learn to identify these subtle teachings already present within us, and begin to see why the priorities of Heaven's affections and intentions have been so structured.  In the unfolding, the darker side of the possibility of misdirected and unbalanced, allowing us easy assimilation and understanding of the best ways and worst ways in which affections are often explored and experienced, which indeed the Heavens have warned against, where inappropriate targeting can make our lives sour and filled with despair.  A touching, composite case analysis is offered to demonstrate the use and abuse of the powers of affections.  To be so enriched with such goodly responsibility and power, awakens new levels of understanding within us, new feelings and discoveries of intimate awareness concerning the opportunities of Higher Self development and what it really means in the taking of His Name upon us, and the next step necessary in the Holy Gathering of our missing and estranged children lost within us...



CHAPTER SEVEN: The Sacred Rite of Passage

By Sure Footsteps     357
Principled Judgment: The Platinum Law     362
Reason: The Jeweler’s Rouge     372
Obedience: Thy Hallowed Will     387
The Goodly Target     406
A Small Reminder     428

Overview:  Furthering the self-discovery of the Seed of Goodness within us, the tools and governing basis of the Principle of Affection are revealed and thoroughly enjoined within this chapter.  Such preparation is essential  if we are to target the power of our affections in a goodly and prosperous way.  Such is quintessential if we are to recover the lost and missing children within them.  Accordingly, the proponent powers of "Principled Judgment," "Reason," and "Obedience" are found to be the sure and tested foundation stones of Affection we've been looking for, the means whereby we can direct our affections fruitfully and joyfully, and begin to open the door to restoring all the pieces of our fragmented memories and realities of the children we used to be.  These elements are refreshingly explored, simply and eloquently extolling these "Living Principles" to their rightful place of importance in our lives, and at last giving us the tangible means to be in control of the powers of our affections and the "feelings" which surround them, while at the same time beginning to understand why so many others wish to be in control of us.  In this light, the powers of Affection take on a new understanding.  We learn how they are the needed "trigger" that "switches-on" the Seed of Goodness within us, an activity which begins to fulfill the promises of Heaven, and why the darker side seeks to keep these from our awareness.  The strategies of deception which may be used around us by others (and unwittingly and subconsciously by ourselves) in order to misdirect our intentions and defeat our goodly purposes are also explored.  This chapter shows us the nitty-gritty of targeting our affections correctly (without guilt) and what then may happen in the process, yielding us more personal power, understanding, and unprecedented growth than most of us have ever realized, as well as opening the door further for the recovery of our lost children within us.  



CHAPTER EIGHT: The Hidden Treasures of the Inner Path  

The Way Forward     433
The Partial Knowledge of Faith     440
The Regalia of Hope     463
The Charitable Rite     494
The “Summum Bonum”     427

Overview:  The Hidden Treasures of the Inner Path of Affection and Goodness reveals what the Living Principles of "Faith," "Hope," and "Charity" really are--further elements which must be restored to us in preparation of the lost children within us.  Indeed, these are the elements needed which will begin to resonate the call for their reintegration.  In ways never before explained, these three Principles can finally be understood dynamically and easily, complete with riveting and vivacious new and loving interpretations of the Scriptures which have historically defined them. Now, we can finally how these "Living Principles" actually "feel" and work within us, how they are supposed to relate to us, how we are to use them, and what we're being asked to do with them--all of this is clearly revealed.  Amazingly, how to use their peculiar regenerative powers rests upon the knowledge we have of our affections, to what specific target we allow their emanations to become endowed, and how willing we have been in their correct orchestrations.  Following the chosen direction of this book, this is yet another "hands-on" chapter which will be "felt" and really "experienced" through the reading of it as we discover the realities of the "quickening," the "befriending," and the "celebration" of new found friends made alive within our heart of hearts.  These are concepts now made alive and purposeful within us--no longer the mysterious dogma of the chosen few but Living Principles specifically tied to the missing children within us.  Many new and intriguing Scriptural interpretations and subsequent directions are presented which further elucidate the Living nature of these Principles within us, and how often we may be engaging their wisdom and powers without, perhaps, even knowing about it.


CHAPTER NINE: The Honorable Stewardship   

Lifting Our Eyes     544
Honorable Possession     545
Further Down the Road     554
The Sins of Omission     568
A Grand Secret     576
The Costliness of Possession     585
The Way Home     607
Personal Aside     626

Overview:  Gently and graphically explained within an inspiring new loving interpretation of the Parable of the Prodigal Son, the realities of the Principle of Possession and Stewardship are at last revealed for all to see.  This is the final element needed before our missing and exiled children and all our missing pieces may be restored to our conscious stream.  A lot of surprises are offered us within this chapter as the drama unfolds!  Here the question becomes answered as to how we are to take command of ourselves and our God-given responsibilities without prideful egocentric imaginings, arrogance, or slippery self-delusion.  We learn to look at ourselves in the mirror of our hearts and that of others, gaining the wisdom only gleaned by taking the chance of being something unique and honest within our goodly passions, learning to become that person of identity that Heaven wishes for us all and has called us to be.  We learn through the lessons offered to us through the Parable of the Prodigal, what we must then dutifully do with the instructions intimately revealed to our heart of hearts it we are ever to find all the missing pieces and exiled children that remain estranged within us.  The rites of passage unfolded within this chapter are clearly elucidated and poignantly clarified time and again, with a rhythm unmistakably true and consistent with everything already said, deepening our commitment to the reality of the Winds of the Soul and to the notion that "If we build it, He (indeed) will come...."  A truly remarkable chapter!



CHAPTER TEN: The Holy Gathering  

The Two-Edged Sword     631
A Sense of Purpose     641
The Gleaning of Memory     667
Sacred Reconciliations     697
The "Rest" of the Way     709
Walking in His Design     727

Overview:  The final chapter is the wonderful and heart-rendering climax of our journey in coming to intimately understand the real and often unimaginable powers of the Winds of the Soul within us, what their specific purpose is for us personally, and what the fruits will be when we embrace them appropriately.  This chapter wonderfully crescendos and ties everything previously offered together, showing in one effort what the cloth of the weave should look like, and how it is to be adorned about us!  Through the reintegration of previously offered Principles, the Holy Gathering (the title of this chapter)  takes us through the very process needed of becoming in touch with those lost and fragmented portions of ourselves, the cavalcade of our lost and exiled children of our awareness, which alone hold the keys to the Kingdom, the Seed of Goodness, and our future relationship with Heaven itself, without which we will never be whole or happy.  Herein is revealed the reasons and consummate solutions for our existence, how nothing is really random, coincidental, or inconsequential, and how Science has finally come to see the proof of all of this, from hard and fast mathematics to the realities of cutting-edge cosmology.  Here, we can begin to finally undue the mistakes of our past and resolve the probable "Fragmentation" of our personalities, learning to welcome back those aspects of ourselves, our missing and estranged children within us, which will strengthen us in ways never before believed possible, increasing our intelligence, adding to the powers of intuition, while making us more integrous and broadening our conscious awareness in all things.  Here, we are introduced to the process and means amazingly proffered by the Scriptures themselves (although not often understood) in which we can completely restore and gather to us again all the missing parts and exiled pieces of ourselves, increasing and magnifying who we really are according to the sure Laws of Heaven.  Unmistakably life changing and rewarding--this chapter is a fitting end and a new beginning for all of us who have chosen to be active on this journey called Life!  

Epilogue     747


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