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Christian-based Seminar & Workshop Topic #6:

"Renewing the Covenant of Marriage and the Meaning of One Flesh!"

Length:  4 hrs/Half Day:  3.5 hrs presentation divided into 3 sessions with two 15 minute breaks in between. 

It's now common knowledge that more than 50% of all first time marriages end in divorce.  Shocking as these statistics may be, what's generally not known, however, is that more than 60% of all second time marriages end in divorce as well.  And, more than 70% of all third time marriages also end in divorce, despite the fact that we would have thought something should have been learned the first and second times around.  Clearly, "practice" in this case does not not improve the chances for success.  Something else is found wanting and missing in these failed marriages, and Christians, no matter their faith, find themselves in this predicament as well.

As Dr. Gregory Young will reveal that there is a better way to beat the statistics than relying on worldly and secular opinion regarding the relationship of marriage, and it is based on sound Biblical direction often unknown by many Christians.  Despite the world's prejudice against and anathema for such counsel, Dr. Young succinctly shows how the means to solid and effectual relationships can only be found from the Spiritual sources of Heaven and under its direction.  Nevertheless, the wisdom he will share is not common knowledge among many Christians, who unfortunately seem to still cling to pop-psychological theories and fly-by-night understandings masquerading as common sense but with no "sense" delivered to us by the Spirit. 

These are teachings that no Christian can afford to be without!  And these are things that all teenagers should be made fully aware of before they even contemplate becoming emotionally involved with the opposite sex.  Indeed, it would save everybody a lot of heart-ache and sorrow if only they could hear this message....

  Summary of Program: 

This Seminar and Christian-based Workshop wonderfully explains the hidden meaning behind the sacred covenant of marriage, and of relationships themselves.  Having counseled over 1200 families and marriages throughout his professional practice and career, Dr. Young openly exposes and explains the problems and faults of secular understanding and theory, and offers little known and brilliant new insights into why the Lord made this covenant so important to us, and how He has designed His Spirit to benefit us in the process, even though we remain within the world. 

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In a step by step manner, Dr. Young effectively "remaps" the journey in an entirely new context that is both uplifting and inspired.  He succinctly asks and answers the problems of why some marriages succeed and others fail, explaining the nature of all dysfunctions and difficulties, and the means to overcome them.  Biblically based tenets are re-explored and amplified in a context that makes it deliciously easy to understand, allowing all participants to readily understand the marriage covenant in brand new and heartrending light.

Drawn from the Gospels themselves, participants often are amazed at the overlooked, yet simple but useful strategies that can be practiced that naturally protect our relationships and their covenants.  The roots that bind our marriage relationships and make them secure are investigated, as well as revealing what "true love" really is, and how everyone of us may attain to it.  Warning signs of spiritual decay of covenants are clearly elucidated and readily identified. 

This Seminar becomes a remarkable, spiritual journey that specifically enlists the bounty of our "missing children," and restores the innocence and little known wisdom of our youth, no matter our age.  The healing powers of their friendships and loyalties become the basis of what we are to "cling to" in another.  In ways that mirror an epiphany, God's perfect vision of one another can be restored in absolutely wondrous manners, allowing covenanted partners to rise to new levels of spiritual awareness of each another, and begin to understand the true beauty of their partnership in a new breathtaking light!

Expected Benefits:

Armed with this new understanding, covenants then become deeper, immediately more rewarding, and astutely more edifying, as love begins to burn more brightly and sacredly.  Serendipitously, 'falling in love' all over again is the real, natural, and spiritual consequence of embracing the course of this understanding, to the delightful surprise of those participating.  Our marriages become stronger, more resilient, and pleasingly more comfortable than ever before.  These are the real measurable results when respecting and working correctly with God's intentions of marriage and the joy thereof. 

Dr. Young's understanding and techniques have worked to successfully counsel and save hundreds of marriages from dissolution, as well as helping those already divorced to successfully begin anew within a stronger and healthier framework.  All Christians must have this information, both before and after they have started their marriage!  It's never too late!

This particular workshop can be effectively expanded for a full day, enhancing retention levels with all your people, with the addition of group interactive experiences set instructively throughout wherein hands-on tasks are set to underline, amplify, and give clear examples of the methods and techniques of working through and assimilating this material.

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