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Christian-based Seminar & Workshop Topic #7:

"How to Awaken The Living Principles of Heaven Within Us!"

Length:  4 hrs/Half Day:  3.5 hrs presentation divided into 3 sessions with two 15 minute breaks in between. 

A lot of people go to Church and sit for years without ever knowing how the Gospel should live within them, or what the "Word" really is.  We may profess that we are Christians and have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as our personal savior, but still many of us really don't distinctly understand what Faith is, and the difference between that and Hope, nor do we understand other Gospel Principles the way we should and can.  We remain as children.  We have yet to grow up spiritually, drinking milk year after year without ever tasting of the meat.  How many of us remain impoverished of these treasures without even knowing it? 

The Living Principles of the Gospel should grow within us after we have accepted the Lord in our life.  But yet, many of us think ourselves satisfied for what we know and stand to believe in while we unwittingly shun our inner spiritual development.  Should we see the lost opportunities of growth within us, we would be embarrassed if not aghast. 

In this Christian-based Seminar and Workshop, Dr. Young simply and effectively addresses the means by which we can enable the Principles of Heaven to awaken within our hearts and minds. He will open the doors on many of Christ's teachings, showing how they all interrelate and substantiate the growth of His Spirit within us. 

Summary of Program: 

With an adeptness in teaching the loving interpretations found in the Bible, Dr. Young reveals the Spiritual means to understand the Scriptures, no matter our level of discipleship or education, showing us the keys necessary to understand the multiple layers of meaning and intention recorded of the Lord's Word.  He will unravel the meaning of many parables, all pointing to the glory of God, His Way, and His Manner, and how specifically these things were to relate to us in simple yet profound ways. 

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Dr. Young explores the timelessness of this message, demonstrating how practical and simple these lessons are for us, feeding us psychologically and spiritually. Within a sound Biblical context the Principles of Goodness, Love, and Goodly Affection are re-explored as the basis of Christ's teachings.  Following on with exceptionally specific information, brand new, sound Biblical interpretations of the Principles of Judgment, Reason, and Obedience are examined as the foundation of the Principles of Faith, Hope and, Charity, and how these Living Principles of Heaven are to be understood, embraced, and nurtured within us.  In the same format, the often misunderstood Principles of Possession are fully explored, as well as the Holy Gathering of our own "lost children" under His Name, all revealed for the first time within the true meaning and practice of the Holy Sabbath.

Making Gospel Principles come alive in our heart is what this Seminar is all about.  Showing how to make this happen, and why it must happen for us to enter the Kingdom of Heaven assures us of the kind of Spiritual growth that all Christians need to realize.  

Lastly, Dr. Young wonderfully demonstrates how "chance" and "randomness" have nothing to do with our lives, and how recent Scientific findings are now validating the major tenets of the Bible, including the Six Days of Creation, the purpose of our lives having roots before the Creation, and that we ourselves, are non-chance events!  Hope-filled, inspired, and entertaining, this Seminar and Workshop teaches wonderfully!

Expected Benefits: 

This Seminar is transcendent in its teachings and admonitions, taking us beyond the Faith of our Fathers, to the paths promised us by Christ Himself.  When Gospel Principles can be taught is such a way as to make them actually living within us, then we know that Heaven may approach us more closely.  Everything then becomes more meaningful and immediate to our awareness, as His Spirit is more abundant in its attendance to us. 

Most specifically, this seminar will dramatically teach us how to immediately begin to increase our Faith in God and His Goodness.  It "remaps" our old understanding and takes it to a brand new level of awareness, allowing us to participate with our Faith in ways rarely experienced before.  It demonstrates step by step methods of becoming more in tune with Heaven's commandments and intentions, and most importantly, how this is to be done and experienced by us personally, as is fully described within Dr. Young's book, The Winds of the Soul. 

Dr. Young gives succinct definitions and examples of Spiritual concepts that most people candidly admit to flounder in, often making things crystal clear and easily understood for the first time, empowering us with the means to actually increase our Faith, and all the gifts that God has given us.  Such instruction allows us to grow closer to the Lord, hear more correctly His intentions for us, trust Him more implicitly, making us into His Children and People. 

This particular workshop can be effectively expanded for a full day, enhancing retention levels with all your people, with the addition of group interactive experiences set instructively throughout wherein hands-on tasks are set to underline, amplify, and give clear examples of the methods and techniques of working through and assimilating this material.

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