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Christian-based Seminar & Workshop Topic #8:

"The God Scripted Science of the Creation ~ How Darwin was Wrong!"

Length:  4 hrs/Half Day:  3.5 hrs presentation divided into 3 sessions with two 15 minute breaks in between. 

Not many Christians understand the real unbiased scientific evidence of the Creation, evidence that demonstrates the accuracy of what's been recorded in Genesis.  They may believe out of faith in the Creation, and that is well and good, but few have ever developed any further understanding, not realizing that Science itself now gives overwhelming credence to what is written in Genesis..., and that Darwin was wrong.....

How many people do you know that really feel confident in discussing the Creation with non-believers and secularists?  How many understand that they don't have to be apologetic when discussing both the Biblical and Scientific basis for the Creation with believers and non-believers? 

             If these are questions you would like answered, this seminar's for you!

Summary of Program: 

In this wonderful inspired seminar and workshop, and from sound Biblical direction and cogent scientific understanding and clear peer-reviewed documentation, Dr. Young clearly and distinctly guides the novice through the materials, addressing old and newly published misunderstandings by clarifying underlying principles of Science and the Bible, weaving the two together in an inspired undertaking that witnesses the wisdom behind and within the Creation... yielding more evidence and reason which glorifies the Word.  This is material that all Christians must come to know!

In this seminar,  Dr. Young demonstrates that Darwin was wrong about his main thesis, and offers proof of that fact in many ways, including examples from the fossil record itself, new breakthroughs in cellular biology and genetics, probability theory, factual geological time lines and more. 

He also clearly explains how the Creation was all accomplished in just 6 real days, and how, according to Einstein's discovered Law of Relativity involving space-time dilation facts, that those very six days are exactly equal to 15.75 billion years, without fudging or excuse, but with an astute mathematical proof.... making it so easy to understand that even a high school student will "get it."

Expected Benefits:


The theory of evolution by Charles Darwin has found odd place and company within many Jewish and Christian mind-sets, possibly because they mistakenly cling to a false belief that Darwin was a Christian or at least a religiously devote man, though his autobiography inarguably reveals he was not, and thereafter misunderstand Darwin's original intentions to exclude God and purpose from the reality of life. 


Lest we forget, Darwin was not a Christian, nor even a Theist in the broadest sense.  He was an atheist who for his own personal reasons sought to explain Life without the need of a Creator.  Yet still, we find many Christians with the apparent need for the church to reconcile itself with Darwinian Theory, trying to make the two fit in some sense. 


In part this may be due to the church's unattractive, seemingly inexhaustible and misdirected desire to become in line with liberally esteemed academic and scientific "findings" in order to secure its own social and intellectual legitimacy.  To that end, a surprising number of theologians from within Judeo-Christian communities seem bent on making evolution acceptable to religious thought, even when Darwin himself has made it quite clear that is not what he had in mind at all.


In this Seminar we will learn that Darwin never envisioned the possibility of an underlying mechanism as an "intelligent design" already predetermined to unfold on cue, preconfigured to readily manifest itself when surrounding conditions were met, giving the outward appearance of "evolution," but being in reality a much more refined process of hidden (to his eyes) intentional and preconfigured development that was more of an "unfolding" of life, of the manifest sequencing of complex systems that were, clearly unbeknown to him or any other scientist at the time, already present.  This idea was plainly beyond his understanding.  And indeed, looking to explain the mechanisms of nature from a creator-less perspective, would necessarily have to exclude such a notion of preconfigurement from his analysis.


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The God Scripted Science of the Creation

~ How Darwin was Wrong!

Yet, despite what we all hear from the Main Stream Media to the contrary, during the last two decades renown cosmologists, mathematicians, biologists, and physicists alike have demonstrated that it is simply mathematically and statistically impossible for life to have randomly evolved in a Darwinian manner, since there simply hasnít been enough time available since "the creation" for a series of random or chance events to have even come close to yield the complexities of life which we witness around us, and moreover, there isnít even enough physical matter in the universe to adequately accommodate such ongoing possibilities of random combinations.  


As Dr. Young will explain, it would be more mathematically probable for a tornado to whip through a junk yard and through these vortical machinations assemble a fully completed and working 747 jet airliner, painted and fueled and readied to fly, than it would be for the Creation and all life subsequent to the "Beginning" to have come from a series of random events.


Indeed, since the very inception of the "Beginning," we will learn that the course to Life appeared increasingly more directed as it was inversely improbable!


Now, we no longer need be confused! 


And finally, we will be reassured that though the securing of "scientific evidence" is a positive thing, it has never been the ultimate goal or the primary desire of the faithful, but only the Spiritual restoration of His Word and Eternal Life within us.  Indeed, the former pales in comparison to the latter, as "believing" poetically and somewhat paradoxically (to the uninitiated) becomes the basis of true "seeing."


This particular seminar can be effectively expanded for a full day's workshop, enhancing retention levels with all your people, with the addition of group interactive experiences set instructively throughout wherein hands-on tasks are set to underline, amplify, and give clear examples of the methods and techniques of working through and assimilating this material.

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