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Seminar & Workshop Topic #1:

"The Frustration Complex:  Who's in Control of 'All of This' Anyway?"  

Length:  4 hrs/Half Day:  3.5 hrs presentation divided into 3 sessions with two 15 minute breaks in between. 

This power-packed Workshop is truly enlightening!  Have you ever wondered how individual or group discussions can turn sour, often turning into arguments, or going off on to unretractable tangents?  Ever wonder why some people and groups succeed, getting things done while others don't?  Why some meet deadlines and others run from them?  Why some are passionately involved and others are not?  Do you find yourself thinking that some problems just can't be solved because everybody's reading from a different play book?

Do you know the many ways there are to "listen" actively and passively?  Ever been a part of a conversation when subjects change without warning, and logic and reason seem to be thrown out the window, both within and without the work place?  Ever looked around and thought that everybody was suddenly talking a different language and was on a different team?   Ever wonder why nobody ever really addresses these problems, but seem to go on blindly as before?  If you have any of these questions, this workshop is for you!

Summary of Program: 

In this scintillating workshop, Dr. Young explains why everything is generally not as it seems or appears, whether in interpersonal relationships within social groups or the workplace.  Although common knowledge to most of us, everybody comes with different agendas, directions, and priorities, but what is not generally known is the hidden subconscious directives that make up the majority of our behavior, often dwarfing our conscious intentions and silently manipulating our conduct. 

In a riveting and entertaining manner, Dr. Young expertly exposes the real roots of all confusion and dysfunction, psychological dynamics he calls Frustration Complexes, showing them to be the hidden dynamic culprits responsible for most of the confusion that exists in out lives without us even knowing about them!  Humorously and some time tragically pointing out a cavalcade of examples, all parties will come to realize how powerful and mischievous these things really are.   

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Quite uniquely, he demonstrates how it is that Frustration Complexes weave themselves throughout everyone's lives without detection, and subsequently creating impossibilities of communication and understanding between people. These alone are primarily responsible for dulling our sensitivities, blocking our creativity, reducing productivities, and enabling a profusion of mistaken perceptions to follow both in the work place and amongst our social and familial relationships...  Left unresolved, Frustration Complexes are just that powerful, "fragmenting" our potentials and crippling human capacities from ever being fully realized.

Dr. Young simply and thoroughly explains what these Frustration Complexes really are, how they're formed within us, how they work their energies into everything we do, and why they're so powerful, dogging us mercilessly throughout our entire lives.  He shows how they move us to action without our awareness, often masquerading as other desires and intentions, pushing themselves uncontrollably into our lives and others without invitation, causing interpersonal and psychological problems of every kind and color, torpedoing goals and productivity. 

Benefits that Last:

This half day workshop will reap immediate rewards!  In a simple and commanding manner, Dr. Young enthusiastically shares the valuable techniques and skills needed to understand how to easily recognize these powerful imprints within us, as well as how to deftly identify their telltale signs in others.  He will open the doors of our minds, teaching us how to resolve them within ourselves as well as knowing how to avoid their hidden triggers and agendas in others, effectively empowering us to finally be free from their influence He will clearly show how dealing with and redirecting  Frustration Complex energies within ourselves and in others is the true way for supercharging all of our activities, being key to the success with everything that we do, unleashing our latent intelligence and bringing all of us "On-Line" so as to:

bullet Increasing the Quality of Our Productivity bullet Increasing Planning Abilities bullet Increasing Problem Solving Abilities bullet Increasing Efficiency in the Execution of All Work-Related Activities bullet Increasing Social Skills bullet Enhancing Group Cohesiveness bullet Enhancing Team Effectiveness bullet Ensuring Timely Completion of Goals and Projects bullet Reducing Interpersonal Conflicts bullet Reducing Absenteeism/Tardiness/Sick-Leave bullet Ensuring Ongoing, Successful Communications 

This particular workshop can be effectively expanded for a full day, enhancing retention levels with all your people, with the addition of group interactive experiences set instructively throughout wherein hands-on tasks are set to underline, amplify, and give clear examples of the methods and techniques of working through and assimilating this material.

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