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Seminar & Workshop Topic #2:

"Don't Just Think 'Outside the Box'-- Go Beyond It!"  

Length:  4 hrs/Half Day:  3.5 hrs presentation divided into 3 sessions with two 15 minute breaks in between. 

Why go down roads that are continually unproductive?  Out of habit most of us continue to use the same methods of cognition and thinking even when the results are not productive.  Is it any wonder that we get trapped by "in-the-box" thinking?  Why not find a way of using all your intelligence and know-how in Problem Solving activities. 

Dr. Young demonstrates, that our thinking habits, character traits, and personalities cannot be quickly changed simply by demanding it, nor by learning to sing a new song in the morning of "I think I can-I think I can."  No matter how much we want to believe in these methods espoused by many, "mantras" and "quick-fixes" don't make changes possible.  Something else has to be added to the equation of 'who we are' to make that possible.  Only then can we increase the mind's natural awareness and its latent abilities.

Dr. Young will demonstrate and explain how we are to recognize and break habitual patterns of cognition that lead to dead ends.  He shares with us how to break old self-limiting and self-defeating "in-the-box" patterns, by opening the doors to greater possibilities and specifically addressing the missing ingredients that make real change possible. 

This fascinating Seminar & Workshop is geared to help everybody think not just "outside the box" but way beyond the confinements of their own perceptual worlds, thinking more clearly and differently! Dr. Young teaches the required hands-on techniques of how to become more creative, smarter, and wiser with what we already have.   Showing how to reawaken these personal options is electrifying!  

Summary of Program: 

This Seminar and Workshop teaches how to "remap" the problem of failed creativity and subsequent unproductiveness.  It demonstrates how we can all easily begin thinking "Beyond the Box," and become increasingly more creative and productive with everything that we do. 

As Dr. Young explains, diminished creativity is generally not a hardware problem (i.e. diminishing capacity with age) as so many in the past have wrongly stipulated.  It's a software problem within our heads wherein we become peculiarly trapped by our own histories of "cascade events."  The good news is that we can all immediately do something about it, becoming quickly and efficiently "reprogrammed" for our immediate advantage. 

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As Dr. Young teaches, most of us suffer from self-imposed forms of thinking that become too confining and rigid over time.  It creates a "Box" around us from which it's hard to escape.  As we grow older, these cognitive habits become deeply imbedded within our personalities, often acting to unwittingly displace, fragment, and attenuate the more creative aspects of ourselves, decreasing our powers of attention, perception, and intelligence.   

Dr. Young clearly shows how these forgotten and fragmented parts within most of us hold immense powers of adaptation and potentials for creativity, but have long been taken out of circulation.  From a sound psychological perspective, Dr. Young shows that unless we restore these potentials back to their rightful place within us, we can in no wise expect any increase, and the "box" will likely grow more and more confining over time.  As Dr. Young instructs, our capacities for intelligence and brightness rely prominently on those parts of us fragmented and we can't possibly use all of our intelligence until we decide to literally plug all of it's pieces back into our awareness. 

Happily, however, once the means to reactive these missing pieces of ourselves is learned, a particular psychological process taught in great detail during the seminar, such a process then effortlessly and efficiently acts to overflow the confines of the "Box," superceding its limiting capacities and abolishing its borders. 

By doing so, we automatically and effectively put ourselves well beyond the confines of our "Box," making it possible to rewrite our story without the arduous and often self-defeating practices of changing surface habits.  Indeed, instead of mindlessly confronting these stubborn habits head on, with little if any success, he shows how to overcome habits by operating "Beyond the Boxes" of our own making, becoming free from their influences. 

Benefits that Last:

Quite naturally, as these sensitive fragments are comfortably and seamlessly re-enabled and restored within our awareness, they begin to supercharge all of our cognitive abilities, allowing us to think clearer, think faster, and think smarter.  Making that happen is what this Seminar & Workshop is all about!  In particular, participants will learn how to:

bullet Think more Clearly, Definitively, and more Creatively bullet Think Faster, Smoother, and more Efficiently bullet Interpolate and Extrapolate with more accuracy bullet Increase Visualization and Verbalization Skills bullet Maximize the Benefits of Incubation Periods bullet Practice Play as Work, Work as Play bullet Maximize Follow-through: Initiate and Complete Projects of Record bullet Increase Levels of Competence

This particular workshop can be effectively expanded for a full day, enhancing retention levels with all your people, with the addition of group interactive experiences set instructively throughout wherein hands-on tasks are set to underline, amplify, and give clear examples of the methods and techniques of working through and assimilating this material.

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