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Seminar & Workshop Topic #3:

"How to Become a 'People Whisperer': Speaking the Inner Language."

Length:  4 hrs/Half Day:  3.5 hrs presentation divided into 3 sessions with two 15 minute breaks in between. 

There exists a special breed of people known as "Horse Whisperers" that can actually talk to the spirits of horses, knowing how to gently speak their hidden and unspoken language, understanding them like none other.  Just as a "Horse Whisperer" possesses superior communication skills with animals, so Dr. Young will show us how to be "People Whisperers™" with all those around us, learning how to interact with the inner worlds of our spouses and children, our friends and work acquaintances, all by listening to the hidden language of their feelings and working psychologies.

As the title implies, this is not just another "relationship" seminar that covers the quick and easy, superficial techniques of communications, friendship, and empathy, etc..  As useful as some of these may be to some, they rarely are instructive or powerful enough to ensure lasting change, nor can these quick-fix promises and band-aid solutions stop the ripples and disturbances caused by failed relationships from spreading infectiously to other parts of our lives.... 

In this remarkable and uniquely insightful seminar, Dr. Young takes us far beyond and above the old and tired mandates of relationship building and introduces us to a brand new level of communicating with one another, one rarely if ever accessed, a brand new paradigm of interfacing that is uncannily accurate, wonderfully empowering, and satisfying for all parties.  Rarely spoken about by others, this material is critical in understanding the living currents of ourselves and those around us. 

Summary of Program: 

Obviously, learning how to "get along" with others is important to all of us.  But just "getting along" is not what most of us had in mind.  Yet, most of us have only blindly entertained relationships throughout the years, barely aware of friends and acquaintances passing through our lives without any real understanding as how to keep and treasure the better relationships for a life time.  Moreover, the treasure and worth of many relationships is never developed, because we don't often recognize who our true friends really were at the time, and their opportunities for joy and productivity have thus never been realized, our memories of their expectations and importance fading over time.

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By becoming a "People Whisperer" all that can dramatically change.  Quite uniquely, Dr. Young's in-depth approach reveals new inroads in the abilities to identify and build relationships that we wish to last.  In this ground-breaking Seminar and Workshop, Dr. Young  teaches how we can nurture and develop those aspects of ourselves that allow the real "Treasures" in life (namely our relationships) to prosper and increase.  He "remaps" the problem of failed relationships and interactive communication habits, revealing a brand new paradigm shift of shared realities and often overlooked commonalities between people, that he calls "People Whispering."

He defines "People Whispering" as the ability to discern between the Multiple Intermediatory Realities (MIRs) of others.  MIRs are the ongoing quantum like changes in the psychological "maps" of our perceptual worlds, the occurring and re-occurring factors of expectation over time, having polar opposites and pairs of constructs that actually act to attract and repel others from our world.  He outlines the subconscious factors inherent in most relationships that remain beneath the surface but nonetheless act as the focal points of our energies, and how these in themselves can obstruct "People Whispering" abilities.

Based on this understanding, he will surprise many with his unique perspective of the characteristics of a good friend, often contradicting those factors immediately appealing to the masses.  He will teach us how to identify potential friends and what things we should look for in others, and why these things are so very important.   He will explain why we come to like some people but dislike others, and how sometimes we fight against our own better inclinations, pointing out those invisible things we broadcast about ourselves that can lead others to turn away from us, or attract them to us, without us even knowing it.

Through Dr. Young's "People Whispering" training, he demonstrates the often unknown and hidden difficulties we all face when trying to understand each other.  He shows us how to listen in a variety of ways, teaching new techniques of self- and other-discovery and understanding that makes communicating simple and positively responsive.  These are skills needed by all people!

Expected Benefits:

Dr. Young also astutely identifies a number of common mistakes and personalized habits of perception that we all make, and how they can literally destroy our relationships before they begin.   He exposes common selective perceptional habits, prejudice, emotional perseveration, horizon events, cascade interruption, and other psychological phenomenon including our Frustration Complexes that often act as the destructive means which destroy hopes of common ground understanding, and undermine relationships from ever developing into worthy life-long pursuits. 

He will also explore what "friendship" should expects of us in return, as well as to how to avoid those who would claim us as friends but only take from our lives instead.  Learning how to effectively interrelate with others, listening and accessing another's real feelings and their personal realities by knowing the correct means of interaction yields a stabilizing influence in our relationships, showing us:

bullet How to Increase the Success Levels of Personal Relationships

bullet How to Maximize the Levels of Personal Intimacy with Family

bullet How to Improve our Relationships at Work

bullet How to Know What Real Affection Really is

bullet How to Get Along with People that We Don't Really Like

bullet How to Keep the Peace without Throwing in the Towel

bullet How to Protect Against Being Misunderstood and Hurt by Others

bullet How to Listen and Speak with your Feelings

bullet How to Discern between Another's Honest and Dishonest Intentions

bullet How to Succinctly Listen to Others and Hear their Hidden Messages

bullet How and Why we May Continually be Attracted to the Wrong People

bullet How to Avoid the Unnecessary Mire, Emotional Hurt, and Baggage of Others

This particular workshop can be effectively expanded for a full day, enhancing retention levels with all your people, with the addition of group interactive experiences set instructively throughout wherein hands-on tasks are set to underline, amplify, and give clear examples of the methods and techniques of working through and assimilating this material.


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