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Seminar & Workshop Topic #4:

"Customer Service:  Poison or Panacea?  Turn Your Business Around with Rave Reviews!"  

Length:  4 hrs/Half Day:  3.5 hrs presentation divided into 3 sessions with two 15 minute breaks in between. 

How many times have you recently been satisfied with somebody else's idea of Customer Service?  Rarely ever?  Chances are, your own Customer Service is thought of in the same way.  Isn't it odd that though everybody wants Customer Service, nobody really offers it?  Inflated promises, lousy no-care-attitudes, and "I'm sorry, but that's just not in my job description..." tells us that most businesses throw away more customers and sales by disregarding the first principles of any operation, namely, take care of your customers!

This is a Workshop every business needs!  Customer Service has become a lost art and a forgotten asset of today's businesses.  Why?  Because most businesses only see the bottom line, and not how to get there!  Having a great product that you believe in and a great marketing strategy aren't ever enough.  In fact, without wanting to sell your customers on the "experience of your business,"  most business never become great, only mediocre, if they survive at all.

Summary of Program: 

In this enlightening workshop, Dr. Young explains how Customer Service takes 2 simple, but critically essential, steps for it to succeed in building your business. 

(1) The first step begins by knowing how to hire the right people with the right attitude and disposition, and immediately getting rid of those that don't. Giving "Service" is not for the egocentric or the self-absorbed---and that generally means only 20% will qualify.  How to look for and get the right people working for you, how not to be fooled by the first interview, and how "not to listen to what they say but hear what they're doing," are just some of the topics covered.  You don't have to be a psychologist to hire the right sort of people.

Providing Customer Service is not done by insisting that your employees read a manual, a book, or take a couple of seminars on how they should sensitively relate to others.  If they don't have those skills by now, you should never have hired them in the first place, and your business has already begun to fail! 

This seminar shows us the means to attract and to hire the right people the first time around without shooting ourselves in the foot with the idea that all that is needed is a little extra training!  No such luck!  Attempting to competently train unprepared, self-indulgent people in these "people" skills is completely useless and is tantamount to parenting unruly children---that's not our job nor the place of business!  Either they have "it" and "get it" or they don't!  Learn to weed them out and get rid of the ones that don't!  This seminar defines what "it" is that is so necessary for good customer service to get off the ground!

(2) The second step is obviously no less important, but is where half of businesses fail.  Most business owners think they understand and know their businesses and what they are in business to do, but often they cannot see the forest because of the trees.  Their vision is generally not shared by their own employees nor their customers, becoming a real bottleneck for growth.

This seminar teaches us first how to dissect, redefine and refine your own business vision with regards to customer service, and then how to integrate that vision within our customer's expectations.  After all, our vision and understanding must be compatible with that of our customers or we're in for some hard times!  Learning how to actively merge our own vision and that of our customers into a dynamic exchange is the only way to achieve success, the only way we can offer our customer-base real satisfaction----the kind that keeps them coming back while singing our praises to others. 

Finally, without cutting off more than we, or our organization, can possibly chew, we must learn to impart this passion to those who are representing us.  This is critical, for if we can't impart this to our own employees, no matter how good they are, then they'll never get the message to our customers.....  Count on it!   Targeted Customer Service of this kind is really the most cost effective, the smartest and most legitimate way to advertise!   These customer service secrets will earn and then save company profits and increase public goodwill exponentially!

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Benefits that Last:

This half day workshop teaches the fundamentals of securing not just good, but great, customer service.  In a delightfully simple and straight forward manner, Dr. Young enthusiastically shares the valuable lessons that redefine the "business experience" so that customer service logically becomes the priority concern of everyone, understanding that it is the true heart and soul of any business enterprise.  After witnessing this seminar, our views of Customer Service worth will dramatically change!

Knowing what it is that makes a customer satisfied is key to being able to focus and direct fruitful business activities, instead of spinning our wheels with the "same-old-same-old," inefficient, and cost prohibiting means of failed business/marketing/advertising strategies. 

Knowing how to define the necessary customer service strategies to successfully implement the "shared vision" is the most effective and cost efficient means for securing business longevity.  Indeed, when these visions are understood, today's profits simply portend greater success for tomorrow.  Great Customer Service unleashes the growth potential of any business because it:

bullet Increases the Quality of Customer Interaction bullet Increases Customer Satisfaction bullet Increases Customer Honest Feedback bullet Promotes Effective Problem Solving and Resolution bullet Promotes Increase of Return and Repeat Business bullet Enhances Employee Autonomy, Loyalty, and Satisfaction bullet Enhances Team Effectiveness and Efficiencies bullet Reduces Customer Conflicts bullet Reduces Customer Indifference bullet Reduces Cost and Overall Business Expenses bullet Increases Number of New Customers  bullet Increases the Bottom line

This particular workshop can be effectively expanded for a full day, enhancing retention levels with all your people, with the addition of group interactive experiences set instructively throughout wherein hands-on tasks are set to underline, amplify, and give clear examples of the methods and techniques of working through and assimilating this material.

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