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February 2008

Understanding the Basics...Part 17

The Truth About Miracles....

January 2008

Understanding the Basics...Part 16

Church is not necessarily a safe place to be anymore....

December 2007

Understanding the Basics...Part 15

A Christmas Message---Things no longer taught in our Churches and Synagogues....

November 2007

Understanding the Basics...Part 14

Things no longer taught in our Churches and Synagogues....

October 2007

Understanding the Basics...Part 13

Things no longer taught in our Churches and Synagogues....

September 2007

Understanding the Basics...Part 12

Things no longer taught in our Churches and Synagogues....

August 2007

Understanding the Basics...Part 11

Things no longer taught in our Churches and Synagogues....

July 2007

Understanding the Basics...Part 10

Things no longer taught in our Churches and Synagogues....

June 2007

Understanding the Basics...Part 9

Things no longer taught in our Churches and Synagogues....

May 2007

Understanding the Basics...Part 8

Things no longer taught in our Churches and Synagogues....

April 2007

Understanding the Basics...Part 7

Things no longer taught in our Churches and Synagogues....

March 2007

Understanding the Basics...Part 6

Things no longer taught in our Churches and Synagogues....

February 2007

Understanding the Basics...Part 5

Things no longer taught in our Churches and Synagogues....

January 2007

Understanding the Basics...Part 4

Things no longer taught in our Churches and Synagogues....

December 2006

Understanding the Basics...Part 3

Things no longer taught in our Churches and Synagogues....

November 2006

Understanding the Basics...Part 2

Things no longer taught in our Churches and Synagogues....

October 2006

Understanding the Basics...Part 1

Things no longer taught in our Churches and Synagogues....

September 2006

Liberals and Islamic Terrorists...

More Blind, Dark, Unholy Unions....

August 2006

Blind Following...

The Signs of Spiritual Collapse?....

July 2006

The Real "Good News" of Christianity...

Don't Get Lost by Today's Scribes and Pharisees....

June 2006

The Connection between Goodness and Happiness...

How We Spin Our Wheels....

May 2006

Can We Still Recognize the Truth?

The Foundations of Accurate Discernment...

April 2006

The Flag of Goodness and Freedom...

A Call to Arms for the Present Media....

March 2006

On Veneers & Superficiality...

Becoming a People Who Have Never Developed....

February 2006

More on Darwin, Science and Christianity

Upside Down and Backwards!....

January 2006

Superstitious Thinking in the New America

The New Year Resolutions that We Should All be Making....

December 2005

'Stare Decisis' in the

Judiciary and Judeo-Christianity...

Do Recent Interpretations Trump the Original Intents of the Author?....

November 2005

Repentance Done Wrongly is Dishonest

How Not To Succeed with God and Others....

October 2005

The Neutering of an "American"...

Liberal Elitist Divisiveness in Multiculturalism....

September 2005

The Rueful Awakening of the Bad Seed...

The Separation from the Wheat from the Tares.

August 2005

The Mark of the Beast...

Could this be the "Number" we've been warned about?....

July 2005

Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness...

But Lying is now Politically Correct....

June 2005

The Mission of Faith in Goodness....

A Lesson that Seems to Have Been Forgotten...

May 2005

When Goodness Becomes Powerful....

Toxic Shame Swallows the Left...

April 2005

The Aesthetics of Goodness...

And the Anaesthetics of Sin.

March 2005

Divorcing the Name from the Message...

More on the Subversion of Christianity....

February 2005

The Wrongful Redefining of Christianity...

Protect Your Faith in these Latter-Days....

January 2005

The Hope of Our Nation Born Again...

Let us Awaken to the Responsibilities of our Faith....

December 2004

The Provings of Liberal Bitterness

If it's bitter, spit it out...

November 2004

Are Liberals Really Dysfunctional?

Not Such an Outrageous Claim After All...

October 2004

More on the Liberal Mindset

The Road to Deception....

September 2004

The Patterns of Liberal Thought

Beware of this Jeremiad....

August 2004

Awakening to Justice

We Will All Be Held Accountable....

July 2004

No, thank you..., Not tonight!

Understanding Worldly Mantras and Diatribes

June 2004

Saying Goodbye to the "Gipper"

What the Liberal Media Still Doesn't Get

May 2004

An Un-American Agenda

The Forging of False Gods

April 2004

Gay Marriage Rights?

Forgotten Facts that Undermine the Gay Agenda

March 2004

Superstitious Thinking....Part 2

The New World "Order"

February 2004

Superstitious Thinking

The New World "Order"

January 2004

For the Sake of "Auld Lang Syne"

An "About Face" We Need to Make

December 2003

And here's......Johnny!

Polls, Pollsters and What They Say About Us

November 2003

A Funny Thing Happened at the Ball Park

Just When You Thought it Was Just Plain 'ole Entertainment

October 2003

The 'Yahoos' are Proliferating!

How Egos and Adolescent Minds Reigns

September 2003

The Liberal Secularization of Christianity

How Could We Have Let it Happen?

August 2003

Recalling the Odor of Hatred

Why is it that we've forgotten the smell?

July 2003

Our Moral Heritage Under Attack?

How the Basis of our Country is Being Openly Hijacked

June 2003

Do You "Get it" or Not?

How Our Need to Look Knowledgeable Can Really Make Us Stupid

May 2003

The More Intelligent Road!

Some Insights into the Way We Think..., or Don't

April 2003

The Less Intelligent Road?

Some Persuasions of the New-World Ordered Liberally Minded

March 2003

Is this Just Someone Else's Problem?

Some Thoughts about the Ripples on the Pond

February 2003

The Prayer of Jabez

There's more Here Than Meets the Eye

January 2003

Ring Out the Old, Ring in the Christ to be!

Having Lost Our Way, Let's Reclaim While We Can

December 2002

The Fading Recognition of American Virtues

We've Seemed to Have Lost Our Way

November 2002

American Lopsidedness:

What's Going On Here in America?

October 2002

Birds of a Feather:

Constructively Recognizing and Using the Patterns of Our Life

September 2002

The Demise of American Loyalties:

Even More on the Dumbing of America!

August 2002

Our Children's Inheritance:

More on the Dumbing of America!

July 2002

A New Definition of Incompetence...

How the Worst Has Become the Slothful Norm

June 2002 Watch Out For the One In Your Ear!

How our Appetites Can Be Used to Cover-up What's really Going On

May  2002

In the Name of Freedom...

An Assault on our Right to Choose

April  2002

Turning the Other Cheek:

It's Smarter and Safer Than We know

March  2002

Lost Opportunities:

A Road Rarely Traveled and Much Less Desired

February  2002

The "Dumbing" of America!

How We Have Forgotten to Know Right from Wrong

January  2002

The Wonderful Symbolism of Christmas

Unto us a child is born!

December 2001 The Responsibilities of a Nation of Freeborn Individuals
 November 2001

The Real Reason Behind Rising Divorce Rates and Failed Relationships

October 2001 

America At War! What We Can Do in this Time of Trial 

What Things We Should Know To Protect Us and Others

September 2001 Has Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Been Proven Wrong? 
And if so, Why Is It Still Taught in Our Schools?
August 2001 Why Baby-boomers Are the Worst Parents Ever!

What We Can Expect from Them and Why...

July 2001 The Damages of 'Profiling' Extends Beyond the Races!
June 2001

 By Popular Demand!  PART 2:  School Shootings:  

The Signs to Look For and What We Can Do About it

May 2001 

 What the Recent Tragedies of School Shootings 

Can Tell us about Ourselves and our Priorities

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