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Quick  Overview ~ The Winds of Forgiveness 

The authorís long-awaited sequel to "The Winds of the Soul~Heavenís First Voice To Us" 

Includes exclusive, new, and revealing integrative interpretations of the Lordís Prayer,

and the Prayers of Jabez & Solomon

What most of us have been taught about Forgiveness, about how to give and receive Forgiveness itself, has generally proved incomplete, confusing, and never particularly satisfying. Here, within "The Winds of Forgiveness," we learn that much of what we know about Forgiveness and Repentance is basically wrong, being distractions at best, including the false prescriptions of "forgetting to forgive," the misdirected notions of "donít judge," as well as our misconceptions about innocence and humility. Upon reflection, it seems that even our entry upon the correct path has been prevented, obfuscated by unscrupulous others who have surreptitiously hijacked and foolishly abandoned Forgivenessí vital and requisite connection with the Lordís Commandment to become again as a little child, believing in Him.

Indeed, becoming as a little child who believes in Him has often been mistakenly, if not shamefully, trivialized by todayís Christian Church, even though it is the delineating and exclusionary line drawn in the sand by the Lord Himself, teaching us that this is the only way into His Kingdom. Nevertheless, becoming as a little child, or more particularly becoming again the children we used to be, is the missing, critically-specific first step that must be taken by us in order to be "born again," come unto the Father by Christ, and be forgiven of our sins. These are indivisible events.

Alarmingly, most calling themselves Christians have never regarded nor respected this imperative from the Lord, even though amply verified by the Holy Scriptures themselves and further attested to within this book. To be sure, without correctly understanding this admonition and faithfully following its directive, we are like vessels without a rudder, blown about by any false prevailing doctrine or deceptive nuance. Without taking this instruction seriously, our very Forgiveness and Heavenís Healing Promises will forever remain beyond our grasp, our very salvation hanging in the balance, despite how we may comfort ourselves otherwise. This simple truth resonates within His Word, and is further detailed within "The Winds of Forgiveness," teaching us how and why becoming as a little child who believes in Him allows us to give and receive the fullness of Forgiveness as promised by Heaven.

Take the journey to discover the real way to gain and receive Forgivenessóa guided journey in the Christ-centered means of Spiritual self-discovery and introspection. Learn how the blessings of Heaven are found waiting to be freely given, all within the "children we used to be." The simplicity of Forgiveness so presented is positively staggering and Spiritually gratifying!


Only $39.95 (plus S&H)  50% Off when you buy direct! Regularly $79.95--you save $40.00!  Deluxe Hardbound (simulated Black Llama Leather Bound and Silver Foil Stamped) with High-Gloss Durable Laminated Slipcover: 640 pages with complete and exhaustive Scriptural References and Full Topical Index.  

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